Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Red

Do you ever have a day where one color seems to stand out? Today is the day for Red to me.... Just Check these out,

I found this food cover (or "roof" maybe? Does anyone know the real name? My kids thought it was an umbrella.) at the dollar store. My grandparents had something like this and I felt a little nostalgic.

Look at these beauties! Right from our garden.

There are some projects I am working on and I can't share with you all yet. This red DMC floss is a hint...

This little ball rolled out from behind the quilt rack.

Also, a magazine came today that had red flowers on the cover. Well... maybe I am pushing it a little, they are more like burgandyish color...

but, one of my blogger friends e-mailed me today that she recived some red fabric in the mail today!!

Isn't that something? No, I don't live my everyday life with themes. Although I must admit that, today was a day of red.


  1. Your red photos are beautiful! Oh, I love red! I even painted my cabinets RED! I just can't get enough of it!

  2. hey! send me your address so I can get your sonic giftcard to you!

  3. That is awesome! I love all the red things! My fav is probably the little "umbrella" for food! My girls would love that!

  4. I have two of those food covers, mine are a little bigger and have 6 panels, I have mine hanging up though in the bedroom and I love the extra dimension they add! Now my teenage daughter who thinks I'm just a little weird wants one! But in black of course! I have just found your blog so I am of to explore...


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