Friday, August 28, 2009

Tutorial--- Fabric Coverd Bead Bracelet---

I found this wooden bead necklace at the dollar store. At first, I thought this was very cute, but when I went home and tried it on, some of the beads were too big and didn't look good on me. Also, when I looked closely at it, each bead had a dark wood pattern. It was rather ugly...

I am not the type of girl to mope and get upset about stuff like this. I have decided to make a bracelet that I've always wanted to make. I found one tutorial here. I made mine a little different then her's. Here is my version of the fabric coverd bead blacelet.

1. Cut the necklace and pick out the beads you want to use. Pick out the fabric you want to use, I used fabric from my scraps. You can find wooden beads at most craft stores. For the fabric, I think it will work better if the fabric had small patterns, that way you can show off the design on the fabric. Figure out how long it needs to be (length of your wrist + severl extra inches) and for the width, cover the largest bead that you are going to use + 3/4" for the seam allowance and room to slide the beads in.

2. Fold the right sides together, sew the fabric end to end using 1/4" seam allowance. Turn the tube inside out. Press the seam with an iron.

3. Slide a bead into the tube, then stick a needle through the tube above the bead and wrap it around the tube several times then tie it off. Remeber to hide the knot. Repeat until all the beads are in the tube. I used DMC floss and picked the color that I wanted to bring out of the fabric. I could have chosen red or light brown too. It is always a personal choice.

4. When you are finished putting the beads in, close both ends. Make sure you have enough lengh to put one more bead in and for seam allowance before you cut off any extra fabric. Fold 1/4" inside.

5. Cut two ribbons 10" long and seal the ends with flay check (or melt). Sew the ribbon in both ends with one more bead. Close.

6. Enjoy your new blacelet.

This is so fun and easy to do, Perhaps, it would make a perfect gift too. You can't have too many good gift ideas for birthdays and Christmas, right?


  1. What a great idea, I love how that turned out!

  2. Lovely! I think even I cold do that! (Off to scrounge through my old jewelery...)

  3. I am now going to scour for my mom's worn-out old necklaces and bracelets from the 80s! Thanks Sachiko! :)

  4. How absolutely adorable....I LOVE it...

    Warm blessings.......

  5. This is such a cute idea! The finished product looks so pretty and vintage! I don't think I have wooden beads,but I think I do have some fake, large pearls that will do the job. Thanks for sharing this!~

  6. Love your choice of fabric too!

  7. Hi, thank you for sharing. Such a great tutorial! I posted your tutorial on my blog with a link back to your blog, hope it’s ok
    Please write me if there is a problem

  8. Thank you for this brilliant idea. I guess I can use any dressmaking fabric and still will look beautiful.


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