Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tweet, Tweet

I found this adorable iron bell a few months ago, when I was out yard saleing (is that even a word?) with my friends. I paid 5 dollars for it. By my yard sale standerds, 5 dollers is a lot of money, but I think this little birdy is worth every penny.

We (I mean, my husband) finally put it up today and I LOVE IT!!

Tweet tweet, little bird.


  1. That was definitely worth the five bucks -- it's adorable!

  2. Ooh you were right to buy it it's beautiful, isnt it great getting a bargain.

  3. Oh that is most definitely worth $5! I love your little bird too. Does it ring pretty?

  4. I love him! I am a bird fan and I would have paid the $5 too. This is so cute and perfect. Great find!!

  5. I remember that cold day. Well worth it though, looking at how beautiful that bell looks. Still think you should of bought that pink robe!! :)


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