Monday, October 26, 2009

Bead Jewelries from Japan

In my last post I mentioned my mom and my sister. I am so blessed to have them in my life and eventhough we live thousands of miles away from each other we talk on the phone all the time.

We have a lot in common and there are many differences too. We all love to read and cook (and eat!). My mom is an excellent cook, she likes to travel and LOVES to read. My sister plays guiter and drums and she is good at wood working, and you already know that I love sewing and quilting.

A few years ago, my mom and my sister started making jewely from beads. My mom started first, then my sister, they both make beautiful pieces. Eventually, my sister started taking classes for stitched beads jewely (I am not sure exactly what to call them.) Now, she makes and sells them and also teaches classes.

I will share some of the bead jewelries they sent to me for my birthday and other special occasions.

A ring and earrings, the earrings are one of my favorites! I wear them all the time, the color combination goes with a lot of my outfits.

This is another one that my mom made, I love the light pink and pearl combinations.

This lariat was made by my sister. At first I thought it would be difficult to find clothes to go with it because it is a very unique piece, but surprisingly, it goes with many of the tops that I have.

The last one is also made by my sister. I LOVE the color combinations! I don't know how long it took her to make this but it looks so complicated.

Aren't they amazing? This is just on of the many reasons why I love them.
I wish they lived close to me so that they could teach my how to do these. If I get tired of it, I can just ask them to finish it up for me... (hey, its allowed we are family, right?). I am making a Christmas package for my sister's family and one of her present is a Beadwork magazine I bought for her with some sticky notes of the things I want her to make for me attached. He He He... I can almost picture her shaking her head with a grin on her face.


  1. These are gorgeous and your family are very talented!

  2. gorgeous! What a lucky girl you are :)

  3. Very talented ladies and so very sweet you all keep in touch all the time across the miles.
    they are all pretty, but that pink and pearl one just makes me smile.

  4. Wow, those are so unique? Do they sell them? I'd love to buy one if they do!

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