Monday, October 5, 2009

Tutorial ~ Little Girl's Ruffled Shirt ~

Have you been to the mall lately? Or, looked through the pages of some catalogs?
There are many pretty clothes out there for this Fall. My favorites are romantic shirts. Lots of ruffles. I was looking through a J. Crew catalog and saw some cute shirts for little girls. If you have been reading my blog, you would know me by now... I am not going to pay $30-$50 on a kid's shirt that they are going to out grow in a few months, even though I love the way it looks.

So, here is the shirt I came up with. Let's have some fun!

I bought this shirt at Wal-Mart for $3.50. I am going to use a camisole that is too low cut for me and I hardly wear. The color matched the shirt, this will be the ruffles.

1, Cut the strips. It is best to have 1 1/2 to 2 more length of where you want to put the ruffle strips. Since this is for a little girl's shirt, I cut the stirps 2" wide. Great thing is, you don't need to worry about the edges with T-shirt material. It will not flay.

2, Using big stitches, sew strips.

3. Pull one string to make ruffles. Even out the fabric to get beartiful ruffles.

4. Place them on the shirt first to see if you need more ruffles and where to place them. When you put the shirt in a dryer, the ruffles will shrink a little, so, it is better to have few more rows than you think you need.

5. Pin a ruffle strip and sew. Sew right next to the big stitches, so, you can pull the big stitches out afterwards. I started sewing from the bottom row and worked my way up. The space between sewed lines is about 1/2"; really I just eye-balled it. if you want a more fuller look, you can place the next row closer to the first one and sew more rows.

6. Done!

I didn't have a chance to let Rachel wear the shirt to take a picture, but I think she would love it.(I do!)

Oh, speaking of Rachel, our little girl debuted in an infomercial! If you are interested, go here and check it out! It was such a fun experience and the whole family (I mean extended families too) enjoyed watching this over and over again. You did such an awesome job Rachel!


  1. Cute shirt and tutorial. I have never attempted ruffles because I thought it was too hard. you made it look so easy.
    Congrats on your daughter being in the infomercial.

  2. thanks for the tutorial, i think i am going to try it! you are so creative, i love it.

  3. I love the shirt and your daughter was way cute in the infomercial.

  4. great tutorial! Just what I was looking for.

  5. Love this!!! I just bought that exact shirt from Walmart today. I totally plan to ruffle it up ASAP!

  6. Wonderful! I will definitely be using this tutorial! Thanks a bunch!!

  7. Oh how cute--I have to cut off the bottoms of my t-shirts about 3 inches and rehem them--wondered what i could do with that 3 inches of fabric now i know and it will be for a big girl--me!!!! thanks--hugs, Di

  8. Great idea. Thanks for the tutorial.

  9. Did you use the camisole to cut the strips from?

  10. Cute shirt. I had to chuckle at the infomercial. My 5yo son LOVES that commercial and sings the jingle all the time.

  11. I have the same brand of shirts (pink, red, and hot pink) My little girl was able to wear the shirts in winter and they still fit.... so I cut off the sleeves and I making the sleeves into ruffles. Thanks so much for the great Idea. I will send you pics when I am done!!

  12. i love this little shirt! I must try it too!


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