Monday, March 29, 2010

A Story of Statement Jewelry

A few weeks ago, I was watching a short documentary on the Japanese channel. It was about jewelry artists living in NY. They introduced a few designers, all of them had a common ground. They make "Statement Jewelries".

Usually, statement Jewelries are big, bold,and most of the times inexpensive compared to its size (Think of a diamond, people pay how much for a tiny stone?). In the documentary, the reporter also said that statement jewly become popular when the economy is not doing so great. During the Great Depression era, statement jewelry was a big trend. I guess people were after the "Wow" effect and something to cheer them up for a price they still could afford.

I thought about our economy now... hmm... that make sense. Those statement jewelries are everywhere. I usually perfer small real jewelry. BUT, I see so many pretty necklaces, earrings, and rings to drool over. They sure make a plain outfit shine.

I particularly liked one desinger who collects antique parts and pieces to make her original jewelry. She showed some of her collection. My eyes went wide, while hold a dust rag in my hand (I was dusting the furniture). Wow, they were truly a piece of history.

I have been itching to find my own statement jewelry pieces. I am no expert with antiques. Nor, can I tell the difference when I find something; what is "old" and what is "vintage". They sure sound sooo different. Although, when I see something I can immideately tell if I love it or not. If I think it's beautiful, that's good enough for me.

The other day, I found two jewelry pieces that I fell in love with at a local thrift store. They are unique and my style. Above all, they were $2.99 each!

A pair of earrings with rose print...

Then, this gorgeous pendant head with dainty detailes.

Lucky me! I found a chain that would match with the pendant in my jewelry making box! I can start wearing it right away:) Next time when you go visit a thrift store, or yard sale, look around a bit carefully, you might find a piece of history too.


  1. You have found a lovely Norwegian Solje pendant.

    Some of these can be very valuable!! Nice finds!!

  2. those are beautiful. you and I have such similar style. must be the asian in us! :-) I love finding treasures at thrift stores and flea markets!

  3. No doubt luck you! Those earrings are to die I love them!!

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  4. Love the pendant, what a great find!

  5. Great post! Jewelry is my first love....I always find great pieces at Goodwill

  6. That's a beautiful pendant you found. It reminds me of a lovely flower pin/pendant in the same filigree style that I got for 25 cents. I just love thrift stores!

  7. Hi just to say I have an award for you on my blog!:0)

  8. Thrift stores are the best places for things like that. If you aren't sure if you'll actually wear it, who cares? You're paying pennies on the dollar!

  9. You have inspired me to try some fun stuff! Check out my blog for a little sunshine coming your way.

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  11. mumad-

    Thank you so much for the links! It is so nice to know that people are looking out for me. I have no idea where the pendant head originated from, but it is such a beautiful piece.

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