Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Link Party No.13,

Warning! This post may contain something you don't wont to read, if you have a weak stomach please stop reading and just skip to the link party. If you are REALLY curiouse what happend to me today, keep reading at your own risk...

I have been in a cleaning and organizing mood lately(again), this time it is sorting and organizing my piles and piles of fabrics. I have fabrics in the hobby room that my husband I share, I have fabrics in the laundry room too. Our air conditioning wasn't working very well, so the repair guy was going to come to take a look today. I had to move those fabrics along with the toy bins, so he could open the door to the furnace.

I thought I would take care of that in the morning, so when he comes, it would all be clean and he could get to it right away, it would save time for both of us.

So, I was moving stuff out, and vacuuming as I was moving the plastic drawers on wheels, I started to smell something bad. "oh...". I didn't want to move the last set of plastic drawers but I did. I had to... There was a dead mouse.


Our laundry room is not very big; so, with a vacuum cleaner in one hand, I jumped up in the air, arms flailing, slammed into the door and darted out of the laundry room. The kids stopped what they were doing and came to my rescue... no, they were really curious as to why a 30-something lady, who happened to be their mother was screaming and jumping around the kitchen.

"What happened mom?" Christopher asked,

"There is a dead mouse! Ahhh I hate it! What am I gonna do?!"

They looked at the source of my screams and said "oh, cool". Then went back to what they were doing. So cold. My husband was supposed to be my hero for times like this and come rescue me, but he was on the phone up stairs(job related), we were not to disturb him...

I stood there for a while (there was a good 6 feet or so from the mouse to me), hoping that it would magically disappear or one of my children (9 and under) would gladly do the dirty job for me, but none of these happened.

So, I got disposable gloves, got an empty cereal box and made a device to catch the mouse to throw it in the trash so I wouldn't have to touch it. Ok... this part is very gross. You can stop reading it if you want. The mouse was stuck to the floor; I almost gagged and was in tears as I was scraping it off the floor, with my eyes closed.

I used nearly half the spray bottle of Lysol to clean the floor after that.

Ogh! After everything was done and over, my husband came downstairs...

Anyways, I have been making lots of swaddle blankets lately. I used to buy flannels on sale thinking "oh cute, I will make a blanket for someone's baby shower". Then, never got around to it. Since I am trying not to buy so much fabrics this year and use whatever I have, finally making these blankets are a good thing. There are many ways to make baby blankets, but I am doing the self binding method. This is a very quick and easy way to make a baby blanket. Maybe I will post a tutorial in the near future.

Well, it is your turn to show us what you have been working on!

Here are the rules:

1. Please post something YOU made. It doesn't matter if it is crochet, quilt, clothing, anything would be fine. I want to see it! If you use someone's idea or patterns please give them the rightful credit.

2. Link to your specific post, that way it is easier for everybody to find and read it.

3. Please grab the "Tea Rose Home" grab button, and link back from your post. If you can mention the party in your post or place the button on your side bar, that would be great! I want more people to have a chance to come and show off their creation.

Thank you for visiting my link party, make sure to visit everyone and be inspired! :)


  1. AAAHHH!! I'm so with you on the mouse thing... I'm sooo freaked out by the little boogars. I'm impressed you dealt with it all on your own, I'm too much of a wuss!

  2. Ewwww...I hate mice! By the way, am looking forward to your self binding baby blanket tutorial.Maybe it'll be an easier method than bias binding.Can I make placemats with this self binding method ? Just joined your party with some placemats I made. :)

  3. I can SO relate to the dead-mouse-incident. Good job for actually removing it!

    Thanks for hosting another awesome party

  4. Sorry if I may sound rude. But I do laugh when I imagine you screamin and running from the dead mouse.
    I hope you'll show us your laundry room makeover someday. :)

  5. There was a dead mouse in my daughter's closet, and it took FOREVER to figure out where it was coming from! Eww. The thing was all dryed out, and flat! omg they're disgusting!

  6. I am not afraid of mice but hate dead things they freak me out too and especially if they are stuck to the floor. Not that I have much experience with that.


  7. a tutorial for the blankets you are making would be so great!! I love love love your site!

  8. wow! you totally made my morning! I thought it was going to be boring and predictable as usual, but i ended up laughing so hard. Nothin´ like scraping dead mice off the floor to start your day...LOL!!!!!! thankyou!

  9. Thank you so much for hosting! :)

    Have a great rest of your week!

    Erin :)

  10. I am with you on the mouse thing. Although your story made me smile. Your kids reacted the same way mine would.

    What a pretty baby blanket.

  11. Oh you poor thing! I have had my share of rodents at times. One still half alive in a trap.

    Still, we're better off than they are. :)

  12. OMG! I would have died!!! I tell my husband (and he thinks I am joking) if I ever see a mouse in my house, we are moving!!! I can't stand them, so intrusive!!! You get some big brownie points for this, dinner out, maybe a mani or something!!!

  13. I HATE mice!!! Ugh! Thanks so much for hosting the link party. I have added you to my Linky Love Library page on my blog.



  14. Oh I am still giggling...I think alot of us have had the mouse adventure. When my daughter was small a smaller mouse was in the house (hmmm sounds like a childrens book in the works) could it continue with "and there was a turd in the tub"..?? nah..any ways hehehe, it flew out of a kitchen cabinet down my daughters leg..hehe..weeks later I found it smooshed under a sleeper sofa...ugh the smellll...but I can commisserate...chuckles included!

  15. So sorry that had to happen. One summer I found mice had been nesting in the oven in our rental home...that was yucky too. Thank heavens for lysol and bleach.

  16. Maybe I'm weird for noticing it, but the abrupt transition between the mouse story and your adorable blankets made me bust my sides laughing. It was very brave of you though :) If I were in that situation I might wait 'til the man gets off the phone...ewwww

  17. I am still cracking up over the mouse story. Thanks for the warning, as if anyone paid attention to it. I loved it. My hubby would do what your kids did, so much for our hero's. Sandy

  18. Blahhhh mice are so nasty!!! I would have ran away into a corner and called my husband! Thanks so much for hosting!


    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!!
    Meet Virginia!!!

  19. We had a mouse incident not too long ago, but our problem was I kept seeing it scurry across the floor... Finally when we got it I couldn't do anything... And I don't know which was worse. Dead or Alive...

  20. AND I would love a tutorial on the self binding method...

  21. Project Linus is always in need of blankies. . .http://www.projectlinus.org/

    Oh, and icky mouse story, but it happens to everyone!


  22. those corners on that cloth look perfect! are they mitered?


  23. Oh, I found a mouse stuck to the floor under the couch when I moved out of my last apartment. So gross, but oddly enough, I never noticed a smell. Guess that doesn't say too much about my neighbor's cooking!


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