Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tutorial~Romantic Sash~

This is one of my favorite tunics that I bought at Target a few years ago. (and it was $7 at the sales rack!). Although, I like this a lot, it can be a little boring. So, I decided to make a sash for it.

{You will Need}

White or ivory color fabric
Lace 1 1/2"wide
Different lace to put on the ends of the sash if you prefer
matching thread

{How to}

1. For mine, I cut 2 strips of 6" Wide X width of the fabric. It is better to have the length of {your waist X 2.5 or more} for a sash.

2. Sew two strips together to make one long strip.

3. With right sides together, fold the strip in half (horizontally), and cut both ends diagonally.

4. Leaving 4" opening in the middle, sew all around it. Turn the strip inside out. Press with an iron. Close the opening with a slip stich.

5. Sew the lace onto the strip.

6. Use fray check to seal the ends of the laces. The lace I had was a little shorter than the sash I made, so I had to be creative and added a little more on the end. If you have long enough lace, you can cut it diagnally and finish it with simple edge. Sew the pearls on.


It was a really quick project, and I love how it turned out. I am going to use this for my cargo pants and jeans too. Isn't it fun to discover that with simple accessories, an old outfit can have a new look?



  1. Yep! It's amazing! LOVE IT...and I love the pictures of you! Let me know if you still want to do the photo shoot! Miss can't believe I got to be the first person to comment!!!

  2. Very cute, it really make the tunic look special :)

  3. It ´s a wonderful idea!
    You look so pretty
    Hugs from Spain
    Have a nice wwekend

  4. OOOooh, so pretty. I love white and lace. I also love the cute photos and the hat you are wearing. I recently bought a similar one, but have yet to wear it.

  5. Wow! You make things so simple yet so beautiful! Love it :)

  6. Gorgeous sash! It really dresses the tunic up. I love it!

  7. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a pretty sash! I love your pictures with the hat too.

  9. Very beautiful, romantic, and not too difficult looking! I think I will be trying this!

  10. Love this!!!! Amazing, you are!

  11. That's so pretty!!! I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:

  12. now how did you know i just bought some beautiful lace that i didn't know what to do with?!?

  13. Very pretty...I made belts too...only belt buckles...check them out...they are really "Blingy"

  14. I lOve this! Have to go to the makrket this week and look forward to some nice fabric and lace for this project... can't wait until friday!!!!!!!
    Thanx for the how to...

    Love Mirada

  15. Wow, super pretty! I love the "a little more on the end" part!

  16. Lovely idea. Very easy to create. =)


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