Sunday, August 29, 2010

Link Love No.21

Hi all! Shcool started for my two boys last week. This week my baby, the youngest will start kindergarten. Wow, all I can say is, "Really?!" I feel like she was born yesterday, now she is so eagar to put her backpack on and go out the door.

I will continue to be busy so, don't have time to be so sentimental. Although I felt a little sting in my heart, as I was packing their lunches. I thought about the day when they would be much older, independant, and not needing me anymore like they do now. (I know that is a good thing, but it is still hard.)

Will I be sad? Lonely? Maybe so, but I picture myself taking lots of classes, sewing more and who knows, I might be traveling more.

While I am going through this journey of mommyhood, taking the time to sew and doing blogging gives me the chance to be ME. And I know so many of you are that way too. It is great to see all of your creations at my link party. Thank you all for sharing a part of you!

There are many wonderful talents in this week's link party too, it wasn't easy to pick only a few posts, but here they are.

Creative Minde shared her Paper quilling. I always wanted to try this, and she made it look so easy and simple. Beautiful work!

Look at this adorable horse! It is made out of a sock, and Kleines Fräulein shares an easy to follow tutorial. This will make a nice gift for a little boy, or awesome party favor for birthday parties!

I loove those baby booties! Leafy Treetop Spot made very fashionable and cute booties. My favorite are the brown ones.

I have seen so many fabric flowers in the past, but I have never seen a fabric flower this pretty! Our daily chocolate created this beautiful flower and she is thinking about a tutorial in the future... please do so!

I wish I had this when my kids were younger, The Planner and the Procrastinator made this portable fabric high chair (with help of This Mama Makes Stuff). I bet this will make so many mothers' lives easier.

Thank you all for linking up. I sure appreciate them. I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Sachiko! Thanks so much for featuring my version of Carries (This Mama Makes Stuff) portable fabric hihg chair! I had so much fun making it and it seriously puts my mind at ease! My little girl started preschool this year. We will be feeling some of the same sadness next year when one goes to kindergarden and the other goes to preschool. :(

    Love and Hugs, Jess

  2. Hi Sachiko..
    Thanks a lot for featuring my Quilling card tutorial...I am EXTRAORDINARY HAPPY...HAHAHAso nice of yours...thanks again...

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my Fabric Peony and for those sweet words! :)

    Now I'm off to check the other fab highlights!

  4. I understand the bittersweet feelings about your little girl starting school. It amazes me how fast time flies! My little boy began pre-K classes this summer, and all of a sudden he is going up the monster slide without a qualm or a look back. Your blog is great.


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