Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Link Party No 26!

Hi everyone, before I start this week's link party, let me tell you what happened to me yesterday...

As usual, I picked up my boys, ran some errands, and was on the way home driving down the street. On Monday, the kids don't have any activities to go to, and it is our family night. I prepared a special Japanese dish for dinner; all I needed was to go home, help with their homework while I deep fried the main dish. There was a red light, and everyone was slowing down including myself and I was about to stop... then,


Our car was hit from behind.

For a second, I didn't know what had just happened, and then I realized that I got rear-ended. I was shaking, but my mind was racing thinking about what I am supposed to do. I looked in the rearview mirror; all my kids were shocked but seemed ok.

I called the police, and my husband. I was still shaky...Phew...ok, what's next.
At first my reaction to the accident was shock then to scared, after I made sure the kids were ok, the next emotion that came to me was anger. It was a brand new VAN we just bought!!!
I was ready to get out the car and talk to the driver who just hit me, oh... I was thinking he is going to get it.

I got out of the car, and I saw, a boy walking towards my direction. He seemed anywhere from 16 to 18 years old.

I could tell he was stressed and upset about what happened, and he said,
"I am so sorry..."

He was all apologetic and honest about it. He told me that he stepped on the brake but couldn't stop in time. After that he said sorry several times.

Right after his first "I am sorry" my attitude changed. I felt bad for him.
He will probably get in trouble for this and his insurance will go up too. (I feel for the parents).

Besides, someday my kids will start driving, and things like this might happen. How do I want people to treat my kids? Especially when no one is seriously hurt and the boy is feeling so bad about the whole thing. I believe in Karma. If he was my child I want people to treat him fairly.
I swallowed the words that filled my mouth (the ones that he was going to get; don't worry, no swear words were involved. I had my kids in the car too; I don't wanna scar them for life. They would talk about this time after time "the day my mommy lost it").

Eventually, the police came and we took care of the paper work. My husband came, the boy’s parents came. You know what? The boy’s parents were very nice people too.
His father came to us and apologized couple times after he saw the damage on our minivan and said "We will make this right; we will take care of this".

Wow... how nice is that? People would say, you shouldn't apologize after a car accident, because that is admitting that you are at fault. You might get sued for lots of money.

Not them. I felt like the "Sorry" was very sincere, and came from bottom of their hearts. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we are all that way?

It was unfortunate that the accident happened, but I felt like I witnessed something rare and beautiful that moment.

Side note: After the accident, we end up going to an emergency room, for my neck pain and headache. They did a CT-scan on me, and an x-ray on Michael which made him feel all important. Also, the kids were so excited about visiting the ER (we sometimes watch, "Untold Stories of the ER" they thought that it is so cool to be at the ER themselves) :)

Our family night was a lot more eventful than I planned. Before I went to bed, I was thinking how blessed we were. Everyone is ok, and we are able to go to bed under the same roof.

Ok, everyone, that was the end of the story. Show me what you got for this week’s link party!

1. Please post something YOU made. It doesn't matter if it is crochet, quilt, clothing, anything would be fine. I want to see it! If you use someone's idea or patterns please give them the rightful credit.

2. Link to your specific post, that way it is easier for everybody to find and read it.

3. Please grab the "Tea Rose Home" grab button, and link back from your post. If you can mention the party in your post or place the button on your side bar, that would be great! I want more people to have a chance to come and show off their creation.


  1. Hi there, I know this is your link party but I'm glad you and your boys are OK. I've been in the same situation before and I can still feel the shocking emotion till now.

  2. So sorry to read about your accident. You have a wonderful attitude and a gift to see the good in people and bad situations. The world could us a few more of you, too! Take care and thanks for hosting the party!

  3. Thanks God you are fine..Accidents are really harmful sometimes..its good that you & your family is perfect careful dear...have a nice day

  4. Hi Sachiko! Just dropping by to say that I'm glad you and the kids are alright. Hope the van gets fixed soon. What a bummer!

  5. Oh my!
    The best thing is that everyone is ok! Yes, the car is new and damaged, but in comparison with people's well being and lives the material should really be the slightest worry.

  6. I am SO glad that none of you were seriously hurt. We were rear ended by a teen texting last spring.
    It is scary.

    Perhaps a bit of good will come your way. Stop by and enter my giveaway.

  7. Sorry to read about your accident, and hope everyone is feeling better. :)

  8. So glad to hear that all of you are OK!! What a blessing.

  9. I'm glad you are ok, but I'm even more glad that you chose your reaction. You reminded me of this video I saw recently (get some tissues)

  10. So sorry about the accident! Glad all is well!

    On a lighter note, here are some clutches I recently made:

  11. Of course it's right after you get a new van.
    I'm glad everyone was ok, and it was wonderful that they apologized. When I got re-ended the guy tried to get me to just take down his cell and NOT call the police. Yeah, right. I've watched those judge shows.

  12. Glad you and your little ones are okay! I know that had to have been scary.

  13. Oh my gosh! That is so scary~! So glad no one was hurt.

  14. I'm glad you're all okay (and hopefully your headache is gone too). Thank you for sharing this story and being the better person.

  15. Hope your feeling better today, hope the children are ok as well. blessing to you and your family.


  16. you know, I've been rear ended twice, the first time by a young woman who was barely 18, the second by an oncologist who was busy thinking about how she was going to try save the young woman who was a brand new mother who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. My theory has always been that they are called accidents for a reason, no one wants to be hit on purpose. I think having that attitude can definitely make for a less stressful situation during one that is already stressful enough. I'm glad everyone is ok... do get some rest though, you will be sore for a time!

  17. Accidents are SO scary. I like your running train of emotions....and that you managed to deal with the situation peacefully despite being scared and probably protective of your young ones who were also in the car.

    Glad to hear you are all okay!!!

  18. I'm so glad you and your family are O.K. It's comforting to know there are still sincere people out there.
    Thanks for hosting the party!

  19. I have rear ended someone, so glad they did not get mad at me! My daughter did too at 16. The lady's car was not hurt, just my daughter's bumper. They did not call the police, we fixed the car and the insurance did not go up.

  20. I'm glad to hear that everyone was ok, and that everything will be worked out! that sounds so scary!

  21. Oh my gosh! I hope all of you are okay. Car accidents stink!

  22. Wow! That's scary, and I'm so glad that you are all safe. I hope everything turned out okay with your neck . . . even minor accidents can cause serious health problems. I'm so admire the way you handled yourself with the boy, and I really admire the way his family reacted as well . . . very rare in those situations.

    Thanks for hosting another great party!

  23. I'm so sorry to hear about your accident but I think you handled it so well. My daughter just got her license and heaven forbid anything happen - but if it did I'd want someone to treat her the way you treated that boy.
    I'm glad you're all ok.

  24. I'm glad to hear you and your children are ok and was glad you had a good experience out of the bad experience, it's nice to know there are people out there who are kind and do the right thing!

  25. First and foremost, I'm glad everyone was okay! But this story reminds me of when I was 18 and had rear-ended a woman while I was on the way to work. I don't know if it was my tears or numerous apologies but she was just like you... very nice, calm, and understanding. She even allowed me to pay her out of pocket for the damages since they were minor so I didn't have to report it to my insurance. I'll never forget her kindness and I hope the young man that hit you doesn't forget yours. :o)

  26. NOOOO! Oh, Sachiko! I'm am dying a little for your van. That being said, I'm so glad your well and fine and that all is well with insurance. What a sweet family you got to meet, and what a good example both your reaction and theirs will be for your family for years to come.

  27. As usual you have a wonderful, positive way of looking at things. I am glad you all are ok! You guys have had a bad run of luck lately, I am sure you are feeling enough already!!! Thanks for sharing.

  28. Wow-small world, I was rear ended today! Thankfully I was alone and not with the kids. I was so peeved, I was ready to beat the crap out of her. Then as we are exchanging info, I learn that she is just learning how to drive. She's 22, but still. It was hard to be compassionate when you think that you are the "victim". In the end I told her good luck with her driving. I think it helped to have my husband show up since he was just down the street at home.

  29. Sorry about your car, glad to hear you are all okay. You might not know this, but all car seats should be replaced after any accident--just in case. It's some technical law. Insurance will cover it if you mention it to them. Anyway with young kids I thought you might want to know. Better safe then sorry.

  30. Hi Sachiko, I am so sorry to hear about your car accident. But I am very glad to hear that no one was hurt. And I am glad that the boy and his parents sounded sincerely sorry about this event. Some I hear, people get really mean and begin to play the blame game, but I am so happy it didn't turn out this way for you.

    In the mean time, rest up!

    Just Better Together


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