Monday, June 13, 2011

Children's Art Festival

Before I start this post...there were many people who asked for my pot sticker recipe from the last post. I actually blogged about it the recipe a while ago. If you go to the comment section of my last post, you will find my comment with the link to the pot sticker recipe. Enjoy!

One of the things I did last Friday with my kids was to take them to a Children's Art Festival held near where I live. There were 20 art booths where they can go and make things, and the great thing about this is, it is all free!

There were so many people there, it was a miracle that someone pulled out of a parking spot right in front of me and I was able to get it.

They had fun experimenting with different types of art projects. Most of them were really easy to do. I think I am going to let them do more art project like that this summer.

Besides getting there a little late, we had to wait a long time at the face painting booth. So we couldn't go to all 20 booths, but they were so happy that they got their faces painted.

Do you want to see the results?

Child 1 with rainbow and cloud:

Child 2 with Green lantern symbol and eye patch:

Child 3 with a new set of eyes...really? Is he really mine? He looked kind of creepy.

After the art festival, we had to go get some things at Wal-Mart really quick. Child 3 with his new eyes got so much attention (he loved it) at the store. People would start smiling and laughing, and some people made funny remarks.

My favorite reactions were from the small kids and babies. Some of the babies and toddlers would just stare at him very intensely. They could not take their eyes off of him even though their moms kept pushing the cart forward; even when they were far away the babies would still keep looking at him. Child 3 had a blast creeping people out; he couldn't help himself from giggling. A whining toddler who was following his mom saw him and jumped up on the side to get out my son’s way, but the whole time he was staring at him. I guess even the littlest kids could tell there was something akward about my son’s face. Writing this makes me laugh, even now. :)

I hope we can create fun memories like this as a family throughout the summer!


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome day. Your son seems like he had a great time scaring people.

  2. How fun! I was at the festival with my kids too. I thought it was such a fun event, even if it was insanely crowded!

  3. It sounds like you had fun. How neat that it was free too!

  4. We went too! Aside from being over crowded it was great! I was not as cool as you though we did not wait in the line for face painting or animal balloons. I simply haven't the patience. I painted their faces when we got home. :)

  5. girlsmama-

    You are way smarter than me! I didn't think to go home and paint their faces.

  6. sounds like the kids had fun . About your child #3 thats sounds like it was fun to people watch starring at your boy , it made me laugh just reading about it . Thanks for the giggles . : P


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