Sunday, June 19, 2011

Link Love No 57!

Oh, I had a full week! Between the kids’ summer school, extracurricular activities, and family get-togethers, the time flew by so fast. I made time to do cooking school for my kids last week. I taught them how to make Japanese style curry. I pretty much let them do everything. I had them washing the veggies, cutting them and all the other stuff that needed to be done. There were a few times that I was on edge watching my son cutting the vegetables. The knife was SO close to his fingers, I thought he was going to chop the tip of his fingers off!

I guess I am little bit of a perfectionist, and deep inside I had to fight the urge not to interfere.

Surprisingly they did a great job, and pretty much did everything by themselves. The curry tasted so good too!

Several people asked me if I am doing a cooking school post to share the recipes and stuff. I thought about it, but I decided not to.

If I decided to make this into a post, I don't think I can enjoy the time with my kids as much. I might be more worried about taking good pictures as such and not focusing on my kids. That kind of defeats the purpose.

So, I am sorry, I am not doing cooking school posts each week. I might share the recipes later on though.

Ok, here are the link loves for this week!

Check out these cute gift boxes! Sandy is such a genius person to come up with all of her paper creations. Her design idea is so clever!

I am in love with color orange lately, and these sailor shorts by The Girl stuck out to me. Isn't this so adorable? I love the contrast of the fabrics and the buttons. So cute!

Bless by Tone shared this really unique and fun project. She created a space that transforms for each seasons. This can be a shelf, then it can turn into a plant table and finally it can become a summer bench. Isn't it such a great idea?

One of the skills I would love to develop and get better at is knitting and crocheting. Maya from Little Treasures makes beautiful crochet items. The colors on those headbands are so pretty and vibrant. Thank you for sharing!

Simple Simon & Co shared a great tutorial to make kids chairs! Go check out her blog to see how she did it. Those chairs are so perfect for the back yard and taking on campouts.

Thank you all for your participation. You guys are so awesome! Have a great summer!


  1. Oh, I am so glad you liked the headbands Sachiko! And thank you, thank you a ton on the lovely feature!

  2. I was out reading blogs this morning and saw our chairs on your blog! It made my day. Thank you for sharing them.

    Also, I do think that your cooking school posts would be fun to read but I think you are really so smart for just letting it be time with your kids.


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