Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Guest Post: My Insanity

Hi Tea Rose Home readers! My name is Kendra and I have a blog called My Insanity.

I'm known for getting a little crazy about holidays, parties, and projects for my home. Today I want to show you a glimpse of the craziness that goes on here around Christmas.

Each year we pull out this advent calendar. I love it because I made it and because I designed the inserts to help remind our family about the most important part of Christmas.

I'm also known for sending crazy, or I'd rather say, memorable Christmas Cards. You can see a whole parade of them here, but I thought I would share last year's design. Can you tell how I did it? Inspired by this card by Design Mom, I took advantage of the casting opportunity and dressed my children as the main characters in the the story of The Nativity. To make my (somewhat grumpy) angel fly and get this effect, I had the children laying down on a blanket. Yes, there was a little photoshopping involved since they weren't entirely the most cooperative subjects. I'm working on another crazy scheme for this years' photo. Wish me luck!

We're also crazy enough around here to sometimes paint our Christmas cookies. You really don't have to do them as crazy as I do mine. The kids LOVE the chance to paint on cookies--even if their angels are green and their Santas yellow.

Not all of the insanity is complicated. It was pretty simple to make these French Toast Christmas trees for our Christmas breakfast. We just made French Toast as usual, but cut the bread in half to form triangles. Stack them on top of each other to look like a tree. The star is cut from cheese, the stump from breakfast sausage. We topped it with syrup, berries, powdered sugar (snow) and some green sugar sprinkles for color.

I'm all about making each occasion memorable and infusing creativity into life whenever possible. Thanks Sachiko for having me at your place today! I hope you'll come and join the asylum over at My Insanity! And don't forget to check out the cute (and simple to make) Christmas projects Sachiko is sharing on my blog!

Thank you Kendra for your fun ideas to make the Christmas season more fun and memorable! It was so fun to have you here today. :)


  1. Love love love the laying down on a blanket idea - amazing, with awesome results!

    My aunt used to do a Nativity scene card or some such with her kids each year - they always looked like such grumpy pusses in it! They were NOT willing participants, heh.

  2. Love the French toast Christmas trees :)


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