Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Love: Paper Coterie Daily Documenting Books

Are you familiar with a company Paper Coterie? They are a company which helps us to create something unique and beautiful with our favorite photos. They offer services for books, calendars, cards, etc.; you name it.

After the earthquake in Japan, Missy from How Does She? called on 50+ bloggers and created a cookbook and worked with Paper Coterie. They ended up raising 20,000 dollars from the sales of the book, and donated all that to the Red Cross. I was one of the bloggers to participate in the project, and bought a few books myself too. I was impressed with the quality of the book, and how fast the book came after I placed my order.

I am originally from Japan, and my home town was deeply affected by the earthquake and tsunami. I was so touched and grateful for Missy's action; also when I learned that Paper Coterie donated all the books for the cause, they became the number one company in their industry in my book.

I use to scrapbook, but that stopped when my oldest turned 9 months old. Why? There are a couple of reasons; I am more involved with sewing and jewelry making. And not having a big working space, pulling out papers and other supplies creates more mess on top of whatever I am working on.

I always felt bad for my other children for not having any scrapbooking done. So I always thought that I am going to start where I left off but 11 years has already passed!

I was always oohing and ahhhing over Paper Coterie's photo books on their web site, but I am bit shy to try "new" things with technology, so I never created one for myself. Although after I became one of their affiliates, it gave me a push to try.

I created my first photo book a few weeks ago, and I can say I really enjoyed the experience. It was so much easier than I thought, and I LOVE LOVE the book! I ordered two books- one for our family, the other is for my mom's birthday. I already sent it to her and she was so happy to receive such a unique gift with bunch of her grandkids’ pictures! My kids were so excited to see the book as well; they sit and turned the pages and giggled.

I have SO many fun family pictures in my computer that are just sitting there. I have decided that I am going to create photo books from now on, so we can look at them often and share as a family.

Paper Coterie has another new and exciting product out.

Daily Documenting Books

I added my name to the "this book belongs to" part, and added some photos of my family. I received it a few days ago... and Oh boy. I'm in love.

I am not a great journal keeper, but I always wanted to be better. It is an 8" x 8" coil bound book. The inside of the book is created so that I can just write short and simple things daily. How awesome and fun would that be in 5 to 10 years to reread this book? Even a very simple dialog such as "We a had slushy outside today..." might bring back some fun memories.

Great news everyone! Paper Coterie is having a special promotion right now for a Daily Documenting book.

Pick a few pictures that you want to use to create the book, and at the checkout type "DOCUMENTDAILY" to receive 40% off. This offer ends July 1st, so hurry! :)


  1. I made a photo book of pics of me for my husband for his birthday this year! And I loved the whole process of creating it! I need to do some of my kids too. I used to scrapbook too and just like you it's too much work and mess to get it all out when there is so much else going on!

  2. looks like a great way to capture your family memories


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