Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vitality Wins!

Just before I went to EVO there is something I started to do...

Have you heard of Vitality Wins!? It is a Total Health Game, including all the best strategies for losing weight and improving health. It is a game that you play by yourself or with your friends.

The games run for 8 weeks. There are weekly awards as well as game winners. However, everyone earns achievement badges and tokens. Tokens are used to play other games on the website.

Vitality started as a pen and paper game 10 years ago and was freely passed between friends via email. Vitality is now available online; it is fast & easy to play! You just click on the game boxes and enter what you did today. You get points for the good & healthy things you do each day. That's it!

I heard that you wake up at about week 4 and realize you feel so much better! You have lost weight, but it doesn’t feel like a diet because you are just having fun competing with your friends!

To tell you the truth, I was bit nervous about starting the progrum. I was thinking that "well, I can't do much cardio because of my leg, what do I do", or "Ugh, do I have to weigh and count all my caloric intake like some other weight loss programs?" You know, once I chose my level and started, I quickly realized how easy it is! I just enter what I did that day when I check my email before I go to bed that night. There are 7 different levels to choose from, so I can play the game at my own pace, eventhough I am playing with my friends.

Because I don't feel like I am pushing myself hard or anything, I don't know if I will lose 10 lb of pregnancy weight (well, it's been 7 years since my last baby, so maybe I shouldn't call it that) or not, but I am definately paying more attention to what I eat and to what I do. That alone is a good thing, right?

I am actually playing with my 5 other roommates from EVO. We are only on week 2, it will be interesting to see who the big winner will be! Bring it girlfriends!!

A big thanks to Maria & Royce Richards who are the founders of Vitality Wins!. They provided the wonderful room for us during the EVO conference. Thank you so much!

Read their journey on how they started Vitality Wins!, it is very interesting.

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