Monday, September 24, 2012

Trip to Japan ~ Day Trip

One of my best friends from high school took me out for a day trip.

We used to go all over the place together after we got our driver’s license after graduating from high school (in Japan, we can start driving until 18) until I got married and moved away. We had so much fun together.

We went to "Akiu" which is a town located by the mountains. It is famous for hot springs and many resort hotels.

We visited the river side where we used to have picnics... we talked and talked...

The water was SO beautiful and clear, I was able to see all the pebbles for several feet!

Then she took me to one of the tourist spots. There are shops that sell traditional Japanese industrial arts. There are "Tansu"(chests), potteries, wooden items, etc. I wish I could have bought some plates and such.

Aren't they a beauty? I gained more appreciation for Japanese culture and my heritage after I moved out of the country. I wanted to buy a small make-up chest and looked at the price... wow... it was about $3000.00!

There are many more things that caught my eye there.

It looks like something out of an old Japanese tale; so peaceful and calm.

We rested at a cafe and had "mochi"(type of Japanese sweets).

While I was visiting Japan, my friends told me that this summer has been so hot and the summer like that happens once in 30 years... oh joy... but while we were walking, I found the first sign of fall. Some leaves changing it colors.

I love the spring in Japan with the beautiful pink of cherry blossoms everywhere. Though, the fall is also a very nice season to visit. The colors of yellow to orange and red beautify the place and I remember some breath taking scenery. That is one of the things I would love to show to my kids someday.


  1. Sachiko I am really enjoying your pictures of Japan. Two of my children have visited Japan and loved it. I love the river photos especially, the clearness of the water and the beautiful white cliff with the trees..very special. I went to a teahouse in Taiwan and we had mochi there too. There were so many different types of tea drinks I was amazed.

  2. I miss it every day, the beauty, the amazing culture, every day. I'm so happy for you, that you got to go back home after so long!

  3. I went to Japan (Tokyo and Hakone) around this time four years ago and I loved it and would really like to go back and spend more time hiking. We stayed in a ryokan with several onsen and around the outdoor one grew like a wreath of Japanese maples. The tiny starshaped leaves were so beautiful against the evening sky.

    And I love the koyo season - that's something that resonates with me as a northern Swede. We always like to visit the mountains in order to see the splendid autumn colors.

  4. I am enjoying your pictures and descriptions from your visit home to Japan. Thank you so much for sharing them. Isn't it funny how we seem t appreciate somewhere more once we have left and go back to visit?


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