Saturday, December 1, 2012

What You Can Do With Washi-Tape 1

I am in love with washi tape, and I know there are so many things you can do with them. Here is what I did today, 10 minutes before I headed out the door for my recipe group (even though I am the slacker of the group for attendance, I love hanging out with them when I can, because they are so awesome).

I made Kara-age(deep fried chicken), and I thought it will be fun to make little flags with plain tooth picks.

All I did was cut 2" of tape, put one side of the tooth pick in the middle of the tape and fold in half. Then I snipped the end into a "V" shape to make it look like a tiny flag.

In no time, I had "customized" toothpicks to make my dish a little more special.

Do you love washi tape like I do? What do you use it for? If you have a unique way of using them, please share with us. :)


  1. Great idee!


  2. Would you mind sharing your recipe for Kara-age? My husband served his mission in Japan and loves the stuff. Also - have you tried Sora in Provo on Center Street? It's AWESOME Japanese and Korean food.

  3. Great idea to decorate treats such as cupcakes, lemon bars... I am your newest follower, and maybe you will follow me, too, at!

  4. it is actually because of YOU that I love washi tape thanks to your care package. I can't get enough of it now!!! You are awesome :)


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