Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guest Post ~ Wall Decorating

How New Walls Can Give Your Home a New Look

Whether we live in a rented place, our own newly bought home or a house we’ve lived in since childhood, we want that space to feel like home: comforting, warm and stylish. We also want it to bear witness to our decorative skills.

Sometimes, though, our budget or some other obstacle does not allow us to completely remodel our home the way we want it. But we still need some change and acquiring new walls is exactly what can solve the problem of low budget and wanting to give our apartment a new look.

How to choose among countless wall ideas?

It seems that the biggest problem of getting new walls is choosing what they’ll be. You have an option of:

  • Painting your walls any colour you want
  • Putting up wallpaper
  • Decorating your walls with graphics, stickers or posters
  • Decorating your walls with modern looking patterned designs, mirrors, etc
  • Using walls as canvas to paint your own drawings
Choose the colours wisely

If you decide to paint your house, you can either pay a professional to do it, or save that money and have fun with your partner painting the walls yourself. A lot of people choose the second option, because painting walls is not such a difficult task. All you need is the right tools, quality brushes and a paint colour you’ll be happy with.

Think about whether you want to have different coloured rooms (for example: blue for the bedroom, green for the study, yellow for kitchen, etc.), or you want to go with one colour throughout the house. You can also have different coloured walls in the same room, but don’t get carried away, because you’ll be living in that house – don’t go with anything that will eventually give you a headache.

Modern vs. traditional

Don’t mix styles. If your furniture is classic, it might look strange to have extravagant looking walls, like this, for example:

You might want to go with stylish wallpaper or peaceful paint tones that are a perfect background for serious paintings. More modern apartments will liven up again with a new, surprising and fun decoration:

You don’t have to try too hard, or to burden your walls with a lot of stuff. You can leave your walls plain white, and have only one unique decoration that will surely be the center of everyone’s attention:

Get wild in your children’s play room:

Your kids’ room is the best place to get creative. You can use posters, wall stickers or just wall paint to let your kids express themselves through drawings.

Your children’s drawings would look very stylish if you framed them just as they are, painted on walls. Another cool idea is to spread a piece of string across the wall and put interesting photos or smaller drawings up, attached to the string with clothespins.
Children’s room is usually a place of the liveliest colours. Paint the walls yellow, bright green, sky blue and feel how your energy refills simply by being in such a vibrant looking space.
When you’re done decorating and you are happy with how the new walls look, you’ll feel like you moved into a completely new, yet same old warm and cozy home.

This is a guest post written by Stacy Watts. She loves to write about home styling, family and children and she frequently writes on these subjects. She thinks that writing is the most enjoyable activity out there. Don’t forget to stop by her website.


  1. Is the T-Rex available somewhere for purchase? My 6 yr old would be in heaven if that as in his room!


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