Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Feet and Busy Hands

It has been SO cold where I live the past few days. There is laminated floor throughout the first floor in our house, and the floor gets very cold! I have been wanting to buy room shoes. One day I was at Target and I noticed that room shoes were all 50% off, and so I picked out a pair.

The color combinations and style are not really what I would normally choose, but out of desperation I decided to just get it. But as I am wearing it every day it grew on me, I actually LOVE it! It not only keeps my feet warm, I like that fact that I tried something new and different and liked it. I feel like it is, in a way, a small adventure in everyday life.

Have you done anything new to get out of your comfort zone recently? For example, ordering new food at a restaurant instead of the usual? Or picked out a new color of clothing that you thought wouldn’t look good on you but actually does? Or you said "hi" first instead of hoping that someone would say it you at the party?

I think small adventures like that are so fun and rejuvenating. I can discover the new potential in me. If you had moments like that please do tell! I would love to hear it. :)

Also, let me tell you about my busy hands a little, but not whole a lot...
I have been working on several projects that I can't share for a while and also trying to refinish this chair I found at a thrift store. I really don't care for the color of the chair, and the old upholstery must go... here is the before photo.

This weather has been a challenge but I am really excited about the progress so far. I can't wait to share the after photos.

It’s cold outside, but it is the perfect time to stay in and organize my house and work on projects. Having warm happy feet and being busy with my hands really puts me in a great mood.


  1. Yes, I have change the colour of my hair. I always thought that only natural-look colours (brown)are good for me (I have a lot of grey hair so I must dye them) and now I have a red hair and it looks ok and vividly :)
    Aneta (Projekt Sukienka)

  2. I so love that you call them room shoes,we call them slippers which is not nearly as cosy sounding. They look warm and so cheery. We are sweltering here,it was 43c here today.I certainly don't need slippers at the moment. x

  3. I've been doing dolls with foamy and they are so beautifull! I never thought I could do something like this!


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