Monday, January 14, 2013

Tutorial ~ Mini Spool Necklace

I found this bag of wooden mini spools at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 (comes with 16pcs). They had several different sizes, but I chose the 1/2" x 5/8" one. As I was looking at them, several design ideas started to pop into my head...

Here are the things you will need...

4 mini wooden spools
DMC floss of your choice (I used 322, 597, 598, 775)
Leather string
5 beads (3 big, 2 small)
Multi Media Glue

*How to

1. Put glue on the spool. I spread the glue over the entire mid-section with the tip of the glue gun. Start wrapping the spool with DMC floss and do 2 layers. Put a dub of glue close to the edge of the spool, and glue the end of the floss.

2. Start threading the beads and spool to the leather string. You can use the finished picture as a guide as well, but basically, big beads go between the spools, and 2 small ones will go on both ends.

3. Make sure that spool and beads are in the center of the string. Then tie both ends of the beads, so they don't move around.

4. I left the ends of the string as is instead of adding parts. That way I can change the length of the necklace by where I tie.

This is such an easy (not to mention inexpensive!) project that it will be fun to do it with young girls too. I love how it turned out; I am going to make more in a different color scheme. Since I am always around sewing materials and notions, I feel like this necklace suits me well. :)


  1. That's so pretty! I got some mini spools from Pick Your Plum one day and have no idea what to do with them. This is a great option!

  2. It's adorable, and so simple! I know my daughter would love one of these...Heck, I would love one of these. :D Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love it! So cute, it fits you well!

  4. So Cute! I wish I could go to Hobby Lobby right now and get the materials!

    I love your blog. So many fun ideas.


  5. So cute! Thank you for the tutorial!

  6. Oh wow! So simple but so lovely! Great idea!

  7. Wow, an incredibly creative idea! Beautiful!

  8. Amei seu blog,tem ideias geniais!!!


    Visite,será bem vinda:

  9. So pretty!Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial!
    Have a fabulous day!

    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  10. WOW, I just LOVE it!! so adorable!
    pity I have not seen such small spools here in Moscow, I'll search on ebay now.

  11. I can't tell you how many times I've walked by these cute little spools in the craft store and wanted to buy them SO bad but had no clue what to do with them!! I now have a reason to buy them! :)

  12. It muct be really fun to make this neclace! The outcome is wonderful!!
    Great post!! I included it in my post Βόλτα στη Γειτονιά #20 :)
    Have a great week!!

  13. This is such a cute necklace. I know some sewists who would love this! Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

  14. I saw your blog about the spool necklace tutorial and thought it was so great. I create lampwork glass spools that would look great in this necklace. So I'm going to to make one that looks just like this. If you're interested in my spools ... they're on etsy at moltenwrx. Thanks for sharing your great idea. <3


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