Thursday, April 25, 2013


Well, "hatology" might be too big of a title for this post, but basically I just wanted to talk about hats and my love for them today.

It was about 3 weeks ago... Mr. TRH and I were packing to move. In the middle of a really, I mean critically busy time packing our belongings I ran into my hat collection. Then, I had a desire to write about my hats. I started taking pictures of them and dragged Mr. TRH to take my pictures with some of my hats (sorry, hun).

My earliest memory with hats is of a very unattractive cap we all had to wear at gym class at elementary school. They were just regular shaped caps, and were reversible. One side was red, and the other side was white. So when we are separated into teams, one team would wear the red side, and the other team would wear the white side. I didn't like how I looked in that cap and the elastic went under my chin was very tight, and I never liked it.

I didn't wear any form of hat for a long time after that until I graduated from high school.

One day I was at a store when I saw this wool bucket style hat... it is a rather plain looking hat, but for some reason I fell in love with it. Yeah, I guess I could say that this hat started my love for hats.

Over the years my hat collection grew. All of my hats are not expensive at all. Most of the times I find them at Target, TJ Maxx, and some other retailers. Also, I never go shopping thinking that "I am going to buy a hat today". It's just happens. I just happen to find one I really like.

What I found out about buying hats is that, it is not always "more expensive is better". As I mentioned, I tried on some really pricey beautiful hats before for fun but when I looked in the mirror, it didn't look good on me at all. On the other hand, one of my most worn favorite hats came from Target; I only paid $15.

Hats are like sunglasses, you don't know until you wear it if it suits you or not. I am not an expert, but I think many things affect which hat is suitable or not for the person. For example, the shape of the head, width and height of the forehead, facial type, so on and so forth. Also, keep in mind what kind of clothes you own when you are trying to decide which hat to buy. I love checking out men's hats too.

I really love Fedora Hats. I own more of this style than any other style of hat. They go well with pants, and sometimes, I wear them with maxi dresses and skirts too.

This one is kind of a mix of Fedora and Homburg in my opinion. I love the color combination.

The straw hat with BIG brim is my "must have" during the summer to protect my face from the strong sun.

This flat cap is also one of my most beloved hats. It is made out of linen, and I wear this three out of the four seasons.

These conductor/Military style hats are made out of wool and velvet (the black one). They are such a fun and casual design that’s perfect for when wearing pants.

Beret is such a cute hat, I feel like whenever I wear one I'm a bit more girly. There are so many variations out there, but those are my favorites.

As you can see, I am pretty neutral in the color choices of my hats, because I want to wear them with many different outfits. I want the hat to be part of the outfit, not to stand out by itself to distract the whole image. Although, sometimes I can't help myself, I can be drawn to a hat with a little drama (really, it still has conservative colors).

Hats can spice up a simple wardrobe. Some hats are for practical use, and some are simply to make a statement. Whichever it is, I am so glad that I tried on the first wool hat despite the memories of the awful red and white reversible hat. :)

Do you love hats? What is your favorite style?


  1. I am envious of how cute you are in every style of hat! I have a giant head and look silly in pretty much every hat I've ever tried on. I love the conductor hat!!

  2. I <3 hats, what a fun post! And I love the last picture the best because you look so happy :)

  3. I love hats, too. Unfortunately, I have a small head and most "one-size" hats are too big for me. I really need to wear the ones I have more often. Thanks for sharing your collection!

  4. Love your hat collection!
    I am one of those who simply does not have the head for a hat - or at least 95% of the hats. I can wear berets, those conductor types and some big brimmed like yours!

  5. I have to say from al the ruffly, feminine clothing and jewelry you have shown us, the hats were mostly a surprise. Yes, you do look quite attractive in all of them but the surprise was there just the same. Hope your new home is progressing nnicely

  6. Thank you for your comments everyone!

    brenda o,

    Yes, I know what you mean. The thing is that I love and appreciate many different styles. Also, I love to mix and match some feminine items with more simple and rather boyish items to give some interest. :)

  7. Love the flat hat, its so cute...It really spice up the wardrobe. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

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  8. I love hats! I've said for years that I wish people still wore hats (not caps) so I started wearing hats. Not sure what the style is called but think Downton Abbey. Love your collection!

  9. Wow Sachiko, you look great wearing ANY kind of hats! And yes, I remember those red and white reversible hats that we all wore in grade school in Japan... I hated those nasty elastics under my chin, too! lol

  10. You look so cute in all your hats! Pretty much the only hat I can pull off is a beanie in the winter time!


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