Friday, May 3, 2013

Scatter Brained, Delayed Projects

I am leaving to pick up the kids in the middle of a project...
At the end of last week, our house building process finally started to show some progress. After I picked the kids up from school, I drove by the site to see if there were any changes on our lot and there were... They started digging!! As I was watching them digging the ground I had a huge grin on my face; I was so excited and simply couldn't help it. I just sat there and watched them dig for a while. I know they were working hard, but I felt like the process wasn't moving quickly enough. Oh, how I wished I could just jump in there with shovel to help them dig!

Ever since our family moved to our temporary place, my driving each day has increased. Now my kids' school is 5 cities away instead of 2 cities. I am saying this to myself every day, "This is only temporary, and less in than a month they will be out of school".

I have been busy with other things too, and that leaves very little time for my projects.

Though my friends, I am still here. I can't wait to share my new ideas and projects with you in the near future.

One of the other things is that contributing to my "Scattered Brain Syndrome" is that I have been thinking a lot about how I am going to decorate my new house. I go through the entire house in my mind and try to picture how I am going to decorate each room. I can't wait to share the interior decorating process once we move in. It will probably be a slow process because I really want to create lots of things myself, instead of buying everything from the furniture store.

Ambitious (or insane)? Maybe I just love the process of creating our living space from a "house" to a "home".

I would love to hear your decorating stories and tips. Is there favorite area in your house? Where and why? I am looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. Oh my dear! How exciting for you to see the beginning of your new house. I think you probably have nights when you lie awake and think about all kinds of things you want to do to make it completely "yours" :) We just redid our living and dining room and I worked so hard on the walls I am having a hard time committing to hanging anything up HaHa. I have lots of things out that I have been saving but somehoe they aren't "right" anymore and like you I want them to be something I made so, I will have blank walls before I go putting holes in the pretty smooth ones until I'm sure of what I want. Now to decide what I want.....hmmm decisions, decisions. As much as I envy you your new house, I think all those decisions can be overwhelming when you can choose everything new. Fun, but so many pretty thinds out there, right down to the doorknobs! Take lots of pictures.

  2. That's exciting that they started digging! They started framing ours this week and I totally understand your excitement. I want to drive over every day! And I also can't wait to decorate... Its so hard to wait. :)

  3. Great news - now the future looks much brighter, doesn't it? I knew the expectation of home decoration will make your mind swirl around! For the time being - happy dreaming :)

  4. çok şirinler ellerinize sağlık. :)

  5. Jackie, bairozan,

    Thank you for your comments! I know... it is so hard to decide on things, but at the same time it is very fun! I love anything to do with designing. I will keep you posted on my blog!


    That is SO exciting! I bet you are super excited! I am so happy that we have been getting nice weather lately, so the buiding process will be on schedule. :)


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