Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Reason Why I am So Happy Right Now

Yesterday, for the very first time after I moved out the house I made a couple pieces of jewelry. Though, I am not quite ready to share them with you yet. Hang on tight, I promise that I will post the pictures by the end of this week!

Meanwhile though... I have really exciting news that I have been dying to share with you. Last month, a couple of my projects were published in two separate magazines. If you are interested, or happen to be at the book store, please take a look.

The first one is my otedama (juggling bean bag) and carrying pouch in “Bags Pillows & Pincushions” by Better Homes and Gardens. I always drool over BHG magazines for their beautiful photos, and amazingly written instructions. Seeing my project in their magazine made me so giddy! My project is on pages 49 through 53.

The other project is my She Carries Flowers Bag on Haute Handbags. All of my projects are very close to my heart, but this bag is especially so. It took me quite a while to decide on fabric choices, size of flowers, placement of them, what beads to use etc... it was so exciting to receive the magazine in the mail! You can find my bag on pages 64 to 66.

Thank you everyone for keep reading my blog, and being so supportive with your comments and emails. I love designing and sewing. Coming up with new ideas and project is so much fun and sharing them is added joy to me.

Almost 10 years ago, I started selling stitchery patterns at the local quilting stores and as a business it did fairly well. Most of all, I had so much fun! Then, my third baby came... I was in love with her and wanted to take really good take care of her. Also, it was a huge adjustment to having three kids for me (two very busy boys+baby) and I just couldn't keep up with the business. I know there are quite a few talented designers who have many children and very successful with their business too. I guess I am not very good at multitasking.

I still sell my existing patterns, but I haven't produced any new patterns to sell for a long time. Having Tea Rose Home has been such a great way to share my creations, though, I have been longing for going back to pattern business again for quite some time. Psst... so my friends, what do you think? I want to keep blogging, and anything too big or too busy might overwhelm me, so maybe start small and slow? If you have some tips to share on how to successfully run your own business I am all ears (eyes?)! Thinking about this makes me a little nervous, but at the same time excited and happy. Is that a good indication?

Love you all, thank you again for being here. :) ((hugs))


  1. This s wonderful!
    I will definitely be looking for them,and looking forward to seeing your new jewelry too!

  2. Congratulations! You are very talented and it is well deserved!

  3. Congratulations! What a fun thing to have your projects featured in great magazines! And as a side note, you're never wrong for putting your children first :-). In reading your blog for as long as I have I know you are a wonderful mother, your children are blessed to have you

  4. You might want to check this lady out. She offers help for those people like yourself. It's not free, but could be worth the investment. I follow this woman's blog and really like her approach to life.
    PS ever thought of writing a book?

  5. sachiko! you are so amazing. i will check out the magazines, i'm hoping to get to the book store today.

    i miss you!

  6. Thank you for your well wishes! I appreciate them. :)

    Oh, yes. Writing a book is one of my dreams! I don't know how and even where to start, but I might try it someday. Thank you for the link, I will go check it out.

    Thanks! I am really excited about it. :) How are you doing?

  7. How exciting to have your project published! Congrats. I can't wait to see your take on it. I used to spend way too much time juggling in middle school and I sewed up bean bags and a carrier to use back then. My kids used them for years. I love your stuff! thanks for sharing


  8. While our kids were growing up I worked a few projects from home. I used to iron for people... aurgh!! Then I started sewing; and it seems I sewed a lot of wedding dress's. And I usually did that in the evening's or later at night when the kids were in bed. Just a thought! My DH was/is very supportive!


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