Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Few Fantastic Nights

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Last Friday, a couple tickets to Les Miserables were given to us. Mr. TRH and I were able to have such a special (it was totally unexpected too!) date. I LOVE going to plays, but usually, we are too busy, or some of the ticket prices are a lot more than I can bear, we hardly ever do that. Les Miserables was one of the plays that I have always wanted to see. It was so wonderful, and there were several parts that I needed a tissue. Seriously, why didn't I think to take some? There were many times I was tempted to wipe my tears (and runny nose) on Mr. TRH's shoulder... I admire and appreciate the talents that other people possess so much. It was just a fantastic night.

Talk about a fantastic night! One of the things we started doing as a family since we started living at my in-laws is... Family walks.

They live near a nice walking trail, and we decided to take advantage of that. The thing is that I usually can't go on the family walks because I can't walk too much. If I do, it will aggravate my vein problem and I will be in pain for several days. Though, we found a wheel chair that Mr.TRH's grandmother used to use in the garage.

Yeah, take it for a spin! We really enjoy the time we spend together.

The last time I took my camera with me. I was clicking happily while Mr. TRH pushed me around in the wheelchair. Look at this amazing cloud. Watching the kids having a ball, talking to Mr. TRH, and taking pictures randomly... it cannot get better than that, oh wait! It did. We had ice cream after the walk. :)

What is your happy maker lately?


  1. Ciao Sachiko, I like your photos especially the one with the clouds..it reminds me of some evenings in Normandy last year!
    I'm a new blogger I hope you will be visiting my blog soon.

  2. Ciao Sachiko,
    beautiful photos!
    That sky means happiness!
    Ciao from Italy

  3. How fun! We've been enjoying lots of outside time lately as well. It has been so nice! How is your house coming?!!


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