Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thrift Store Treasures

While I am putting the house together, I have been drawn to thrift stores a few times in the last couple weeks. Now we are in the house and living in it, it is so much easier for me to picture what I want for the house. I can't help but hear this small voice inside of my head saying..."Hey, you might find XXXX or the XXXX you have been looking for is at the thrift store."...

I certainly don't want to fill up our house with lots of stuff, but hey, if I can find something I have been looking for, for the fraction of the cost compared to the regular retailers, why not?

Do you wanna see what I found???

IKEA furniture. It is very sturdy and in mint condition. At first I didn't know what this was, so I went online and looked it up. It is actually a TV stand. Guess where I put it. In our coat closet by the garage. I was planning to buy a shoe organizer, and this actually fits perfectly... It only cost me $6!

Beautiful milky vases. There are many things we want to do around the house and some of the projects are very costly. So I don't want to spend a lot of money for decorations. I love some unique and inexpensive pieces I can find at thrift stores! What about $1 each for these beauties.

Is this a vase? Nope, this is a...

Before I begin this post...if you haven't had chance to read my Capri Sun review you might want to check it out. I shared one of my childhood memories. :)

Glass Lamp Shade. See how it's open both sides?

I love the color and the design on it. So pretty...

Glass lamps are hot right now, but I wanted something a bit different. I found this one with etching on the glass for $6. It is pretty big and I love the vintage feel this has. With the right shade, I know it will make a great addition to a room. The lamp had the original sticker on which said "Alsy". Hmm...does anybody know anything about this lamp? I am very curious.

I have been interested in screen printing and such for a while. when I found a practically brand new condition of Lotta Prints book I couldn't pass it up! $3 verses $15.35 + shipping on Amazon (it is originally 19.95), that is a big discount.

I don't hunt animals on hunting season but I love hunting for decorative items and furniture and it last all year long. Next time when you are passing by a thrift store, maybe you might want to give it a try and see what I am talking about. :)


  1. Lots of good deals. I'd love to see how you use the table as a shoe organizer.

  2. Lots of lovely finds there. We call our thrift shops 'Op Shops' here in Australia. Some of them have become quite expensive but others still have really good bargains. They take a little sorting through to find what you find but it is worth it in the end, isn't it? I love your blog and love to read about how you are going over the other side of the world.


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