Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A New Year and Resolutions

Usually when I come up with some New Year's resolutions I do good for the first few months and after that everything goes blank. I guess I create too many goals or goals that are too big; basically setting myself up for failure and the get discouraged. NO MORE of that this year!

I am going to set a few simple goals and try to stick to them. I think it is always good to have goals, and strive to stretch ourselves a little, not by few yards... but by a couple inches. Progress is progress. :)

I am not going to list them here today, but I will share one of my goals for January; Get organized.

I think I am a pretty organized person, but I learned that I am also an indecisive person. That is why my sewing room still look like this...

The room hasn't changed much since we moved to our new house at the end of August. Shocker huh? Yeah... every time when I pass the room I almost want to close my eyes. I thought this room was the first one I'd put together but in reality this is the hardest room for me to organize.

I have way too many interests and hobbies, therefor I have tons of stuff; books, jewelry making supplies, fabrics, scrap booking supplies, ribbons, trims, drawing supplies... so on so forth. Also I want to make sure I can group them right and put them away in order so when I am finished the room is so organized, I can utilized the room to its maximum potential.

Though, I have been having problems with where to put things with what. Putting things in, and out, reorganized here and there... Ahhhh!!!

The rest of the house doesn't look like this any more, but this room looks like an episode from "Hoarders". One of my kids even asked me "mommy...are you a hoarder?". Well, maybe a little. I have a hard time throwing things away, especially when it comes to sewing items. Pretty ribbons and laces, buttons and scrap of fabrics, because I see potential in them, what they can be used for and become. I might have to take extreme measures and say good-by to some of them.

What is one of your new year's resolutions? Big or small I will be cheering you on. I wish you all a Happy New Year and have a wonderful 2014!

P.S. I will for sure share "After" photos of my sewing room!


  1. Happy new year from a regular reader and fellow almost-hoarder! :) God bless you and your family!

  2. Happy New Year.
    My hope is that you will also share with us how you arrived at the "after" organized post.

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  4. I understand how do you feel!! It's the same for me, thought I haven't so much material!!!
    Nevertheless I see your works and I love them, for sure you will find a way to put things in order!!
    Maybe if you begin to classify the materials for instance, jewelry, then tissues, and so on.....
    Happy New Year from Spain, a pleasure to read you!!! Xoxo, Mª José

  5. I work so hard keeping the kitchen, living room, dining area and kids rooms clean that my office (where I spend the most time) turns in to the toss-everything-that-doesn't-have-a-place room so it looks even more disorganized than your sewing room! I bet you'll have it ship shape in no time!

  6. Sewing rooms are the hardest! But a well organized space is always rewarding. :) Good luck with your endeavor!

  7. Hi Sachiko,

    I have totally the same problem as yours! I moved my sewing room from our basement to upstairs in September (I guess...)and so many things are still on the floor! Can't decide where to put them away. Always feel there should be a better spot. If you find the solution for this problem please let me know :) That would be great.

  8. MARIA-
    I know...I have way too much stuff, but I accumulated it over 18 years. They sure make it harder to have an organized space though.

    I know! When I was going through stuff, I found the boys' scout items, kids' craft stuff and such. Ough! I will be sure to post "after" pictures. :)

    I guess having a cluttered space is a pretty common problem for people who create. whew. :) Right now I am looking at all the bins and baskets and stuff to see what my options are in grouping them. I will be sure to post what I have done in a future post!

  9. Why is it that the craft space is always the hardest to keep clean-because we like to look at what we have and sometimes we get great ideas when everything is everywhere. And I also think that most of crafters are in some way hoarders because we see, like you said, potential in many things. I know that I love my big stashes of fabric and other stuff. Hope your New Year is fantastic.

  10. I'm hoping to get more organized, too! Thanks for sharing that photo of your sewing room...I know it will look amazing when you finish it up! Thanks for all of the beauty and inspiration in your posts!

  11. Sherri-
    I enjoy looking at the quilt blocks and quilts that you make. You do such superb work! Especially since I started Instagram, I feel like it is easier to keep up with new posts. :)

  12. My resolution is to use up my fabric stash. I plan on making dog coats from fleece and wools to donate to a local shelter. I moved 2 years ago and am stilling organizing sewing and crafts stuff. I have 9 eighteen gallons storage tubs full of fabric in the garage and also 6 in paid storage. I need to get busy and Sew !!

  13. Looks like everybody knows exactly what are you talking about! But you're lucky to have a craft room. I'm pretty sure you'll put it in order and show it soon :)

  14. It's SUCH relief to learn that there are lots of folks out there whose sewing/craft/hobby rooms are just like mine!! I'd need a second lifetime to complete all the projects I have in mind. :-)

  15. After a hectic press to get ready for the Holidays I think most crafters have a room or area that looks similar to yours. I'm going through this right now and have decided to take this approach. I'm organizing my knitting first...all other crafts are pushed to the far side of the room while I work on the yarn stash,knitting books,needles etc. Here's hoping we both succeed!

  16. This is me! I love your cabinets. Can't wait to see what happens. My goals are: simplify, organize, Do!

  17. Thanks for your honest photos! My room looked just about the same a few weeks ago. I tried to get rid of stuff, but kept falling back into reorganizing!`

  18. You are not alone!! For those of us that love creativity, it is hard to not fall in love with all things lovely and envision beautiful end results. Enjoy what you have with who you are with and it will all be ok!!

  19. And that's still better than mine looks. lol I also have too many interests which means too wide an array of supplies so the thought of organizing them is just overwhelming! Good luck!

  20. I know what you mean! I frequently began a new year with a resolution, only to give up just a few weeks into the year. Now, I set myself a single goal, and break down that goal into very tiny parts, so I can cross things off as I have time. This way, through I may not complete a whole-house organization goal in a year, I can see how many little areas have been improved along the way. It also gives me opportunity to tweak things if I find that my newly 'organized' bookshelves aren't working for me as I'd expected. Keep trying, and if you drop off for a bit, get back up and try again!

  21. This is so funny, it feels like my sewing room looks the same way. I have given up though since I think we will be moving soon. YIKES


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