Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Sewing Room Tour

I am so excited about today's post my friends! It took me (WAY TOO LONG) long enough to finally put together my sewing room, but as I promised, I am welcoming you today to celebrate this with me. :)

Are you ready?

My creative space is located right off the family room area which is really convenient for me. I don't have to go up and down the stairs with my bad leg. I can pretty much stay on the main floor all day. Let's open the doors and go inside...

On the left hand side there are shelves from Ikea and a cupboard that Mr. TRH and I created in the past. I looked everywhere for storage solutions when I was brain storming on how I was going to design my sewing room. Ikea has a great selection of shelves and storage bins. I am so happy to see most of my fabric stored nicely. There are things that I am not perfectly happy about and I might make some changes later.

I scored this clear display case when Borders in our area was going out of business. I thought it would be perfect for fat quarters, and I didn't move till someone who worked at the store came by. I didn't want other people to snatched it up! This spinable display case takes very little space, and holds a ton of fabrics.

On the right hand side of the room, I have tall drawers and tables and such.

You have seen this in my other post, my desk with tall drawers and threads. This is one of my favorite areas in this room.

On the windowsill I displayed some of my creations and wooden spools with fabric I bought last summer.

I created this inspiration board after I moved in to this house, it is finally up on my sewing room wall.

Speaking of an inspiration board... I also created a design board for quilt blocks. Thanks to Erin (Check out her blog Décor Allure) for an idea of what to use. This design board is light weight, and I used metal clips on both sides of the board, hanging hooks from 3M on the wall to hang it. Very easy to take it down, just in case when I want to work in a different room. This girl loves flexibilities and options. :)

Speaking of options, I am still trying to decide where to put the table. against the wall like the picture I have showed you up top or in the middle of the room like an island. Mmmm... that is something I have to start using the room and find out which is more convenient.

There are a few things I know I am going to rearrange in the future, but for now the "horders" sewing room has become usable space, and I am super happy about it. Big thanks to my super patient and supportive husband known as Mr. TRH... He has given me so much ever since we have been together, I mean tangible and non-tangible things. He knows me better than anybody on earth and I just appreciate him so much. I am such a lucky girl to be able to call him my husband.

I promise, I will get good use out of this room... pinky promise.


  1. Your very lucky to have so much space.

  2. Love all the white with those great floors!

  3. This looks like a bright and inspiring space to create. I recently moved my sewing room to a much larger area, and decorating it has proven to be a challenge, perhaps one day I will be finished! Have a gorgeous day!

  4. I love peeks into creative spaces, and yours is lovely! I really need to take the time to beautify my space, but it is such a daunting task. Congratulations!

  5. Your room is lovely! Please com visit my sewing room at donalynndesigns.blogspot.com my room is much different than yours! MESSY! I can't wait to see some scraps on that beautiful hardwood floor. Thanks for the tour!

  6. SACHIKO! it is so beautiful. I love the french doors. i bet that will help with wanting to keep it clean since you can see in :)

    I am so happy for you. you deserve such an amazing space to work in.

  7. Natalie-

    Thanks Natalie! When are you going to come over to sew with me?? :)

  8. Gorgeous!!!! Man I miss you. And I obviously need to catch up better. You've moved!!

  9. BEAUTIFUL! You and Mr. TRH did a fantastic job. I am just starting to design my sewing room and have been looking at cabinets. Can you share which IKEA shelves those are? I was looking at the deep Billy Bookcase and adding the drawers. I love your trim on yours. Did you add that later or are they part of the stock cabinet? Would love to know which cabinets they are. From looking at your room, it looks like we have very similar floor plan, both having a large opening and then a big window opposite. I would like to put the bookcases - shelves just like you have on the left side.

  10. It looks beautiful! I want to come and see your whole house. I can't believe we've both been over here for over 6 months and haven't seen each other... I hope all's going well for you guys!

  11. You are blessed indeed! I especially love what you did with that spinable rack. Great idea!

  12. What a fantastic and inspirational room to work in! I'd definitely go for the table in the middle of the room - it's convenient to be able to move around rather than moving the fabrics or whatever around, and it also looks much more professional study like:-)

  13. I am loving the fabric stand. I'll bet it holds a TON of fat quarters. But my favorite part is the small close pins that you have wrapped in fabric. Lovely!


  14. thanks for sharing your wonderful space. Love how the fabric colors pop with all of the white

  15. Really love how you've created your sewing room. So light and bright and airy. Thanks for sharing with us, x

  16. Looks lovely! The doors leading in are beautiful! And you did a great job organizing. Having a usable sewing space is so nice :)

  17. Someone could sure get some serious sewing and crafting done in this room. How blessed you are to have such a nice space to call your own. Love it!
    Susanne :)

  18. Hi!
    I just love your sewing room! So pretty!
    Oh, about the table... I would put the sewing machine near the window to have natural light and the cutting table in the middle of the room to have space... But it's up to you! :D
    Gongrats, kisses from Portugal
    Helena A.


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