Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring Hair Clip Project

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When I was putting my sewing room together, I came across a bunch of things that I forgot about. These are one of them and it gave me an idea of what I can make with them. Where I live, the last few days have been pretty sunny and I kept longing for Spring.
I share my spring hair clip project today.

All you need are metal hair clips, skeins (or any type of yarn), glue that will hold metal and fiber. It is super easy and simple; you could do this project with young girls and have fun together as well. Are you ready to have fun?

1. First, cut 1 yard of skeins then put glue on the back of the metal clip where you pinch to open. Put the tip of the skeins and wait 5 minutes or so until it sticks to the metal and is more stable. It makes it easier to work with when this part of the glue is dry.

2. Put some glue on the metal and start wrapping the skein to the metal.

3. Keep going...

4. Make sure there is glue on the tip of the skein when you are finishing it off. Place the end on the back where it won't be seen and glue it on. Cut off the excess.

5. Of course I had to try other colors to see what they would look like.

6. I also found these cabochons in my scrap booking supplies and the colors match so perfectly I had to see what they look like on the clips.

What do you think? With? Without?


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