Friday, July 18, 2014

New Obsession ~ Aurifil Thread

I knew about Aurifil thread for a while, but I felt like it was a bit expensive and didn't dare buy them. Several months ago, I was going to do more machine quilting and my thread kept breaking and giving me grief... sigh. After reading up on stuff on the web and also talking to some people at quilt shop; I decided to try it to see if it is really as great as everyone says.

OH, boy.

It really is amazing! I quilted an entire quilt without any thread breaking, and I felt like my skill got better! (shh... who is saying that it's because I used better thread?)

Then, I received this in the mail...

Wow, what perfect timing! Riley Blake came out with this Aurifil's basic color collection. It was like my birthday and Christmas came at the same time!

I was so excited that I showed it off to my kiddos and Mr.TRH. Their reaction? They were like "Oh, that's nice mom", or "good for you hun" to be nice. but I know they didn't quit understand why I was that excited over some threads. I bet I acted like a kindergartener who owned their very own first crayon box. :)

I am looking forward to using them on my other quilting projects to come. What is your favorite sewing notions you have to have? If you have any please do share in the comment section. I would love to know!


  1. Oh how exciting to find great thread for quilting! I get so frustrated when the thread breaks too! :) And I do it a lot. My favorite things right now is dritz elastic threaders. Here's a link, because it's hard to describe them.|dc&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=&utm_campaign=Product+-+PLA&CS_003=9669917&CS_010=[ProductId]&gclid=CjwKEAjwi6OeBRCCrZqp-qaQhhISJACrfbtAOlSVgmo-oYb9e2jGaI2o7iD6dHmaF4t-uJOMyLsHzxoCwlfw_wcB

    long link...:) These make it a cinch to thread in elastic into a casing. Like soooo much easier than a silly safety pin and way fast too! And the best part is a pack of 3 different sizes is only $2-$3!

  2. I am absolutely over the moon for my Gingher dressmaker shears. Actually, all of my Gingher shears and snips are amazing and I will never, ever give them up!

  3. I completely understand! I ran out of hand quilting thread last week and was going in sane until our quilt store got more in! Am sitting with my quilting right beside me now. :)

  4. Lynette@ My Craft Discovery,
    Thank you for the link! I have never seen this, and looks like a really awesome product. I need to give them a try!

    Jaimee De Mond,
    I know... I am in love with my Gingher too. I had to tell my family about not touching mommy's Gingher rule many times. :)

    Oh! That is the worst! I know that is very frustrating!

  5. Good to know about that thread! Love my wonder clips and ginghers.


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