Monday, December 22, 2014

Chair Makeover

I found this chair at a local thrift store for $4. I loved the look of the back and it just screamed "potential", I had to take her home with me...

I spray painted it, did some applique on the Amy Butler fabric I found at Harmony (Thank you Laura for your input, the fabric worked perfectly!). After adding a pom-pom trim, it was done!


The fabric I bought was Amy Butler's home decorating weight fabric and I happened to have fabric from the same line(this one is regular weight). I decided to applique some flowers to add more personality to the chair.

Doing some free motion stitches on the flowers is very fun. I just followed the design that already existed on the fabric.

I was very tempted to do a totally different color scheme this time, but since my house has lots of white with some light blues I decided to stick to the theme. So when I gather them up, there will be a calm and nice harmony that I love.

I have been busy preparing for our special Christmas Eve dinner, so I need to get back to the kitchen right now. I will talk to you really soon everyone!


  1. its fantastic, a fabulous make over!

  2. I am following your works and you give me a lot of inspirations also I love your style , Thanks for all of them.

  3. found your blog via nanna chel, love the chair, just read back through a few more, very nice
    merry xmas & have a safe & happy new year

  4. The chair turned out great, Sachiko! You are inspiring as always.

    1. Thanks Kathleen! You have always been such a great strength to me, my friend. :)

  5. This is so beautiful! You make me want to fix up a chair of my own!


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