Saturday, January 24, 2015

Two Tone Modern Baby Quilt

I posted this quilt I made for a family friend for Christmas a few weeks ago...

I had some left over blocks and I was playing with them the other day. I figured out a layout and decided to make two other quilts with them. The one, which is still laying out on my sewing room floor will be a wall hanging and this baby boy quilt...

Remember, the quilt I made was for our male friend... so I was thinking about that when I was designing the quilt. I went with a color scheme which I don't normally use (but I ended up really liking it!). When I make a quilt for a baby boy, I usually go for more pastel blues and greens or crisp red and blue. This one is a bit different. I am not very confident about my machine quilting skills, but I came up with a design I can manage and that is unique too.

Because the quilt top has darker matte colors, I chose crisp white & gray houndstooth fabric as a backing and added more colors with bias tape. Hoping to make the quilt a bit more playful and lively.

This was an unplanned project but I am pretty happy with the result. I am working on several quilt projects right now, I can't wait to share the others soon!


  1. Your quilting is lovely. The pattern gives the quilt a lot of dimension. Great finish!

  2. Sachiko, I love the pattern. Very nice.

  3. love your quilts, can't wait to see the next ones either!
    thanx for sharing!

  4. Love this color combo, not babyish but absolutely fitting for a little boy. Beach colors, could be used in a variety of ways as he grows.

  5. love love love the blue quilt!!! makes me want to get more into quilting!

  6. Cute! I absolutely love pinwheels

  7. That turned out awesome! I love the back, but I think the binding is my favorite. You did a great job on the quilting!


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