Monday, February 23, 2015

Surprise Package with Liberty of London fabrics

I received a fun surprise package from one of my dear friends last weekend. It is always such an exciting feeling to find a package on my door step, and when I opened it up it was filled with Liberty of London scraps!! If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know I treasure my scraps especially my Liberty of London scraps... You can see some examples of how I used my scraps; even the tiniest pieces in the past; like mod podge mini tree, wooden spool necklace and wall art.

Obviously, she is a kindred spirit... she kept tiny and skinny scraps. How sweet of her to pass that on to me with a sweet card saying "I thought you might use these tiny bits & pieces in you crafting!..."

Yes I will!!

Look how pretty they are even as scraps.

These strips will be perfect to make more of the spool necklace or connect them together to make twine to do some knitting. I am going to have a procedure soon, that will be perfect thing to do in bed while recovering.

I can use them to do mod podge projects or piece them together to create something.

More and more strips...

Organizing them well gives me an idea of what I have to work with. They are like paint colors when I try to create wall art.

I am working on other projects right now, so I can't get my hands on and play with them yet. Meanwhile... they are on my desk sitting pretty and giving me a happy thoughts. Thanks C for your thoughtfulness and generosity! :)


  1. So pretty! can't wait to see how you come up with these!

  2. Pop of colors! Love these fabrics. They're perfect for the spring. Looking forward to see what you have done with these.
    House cleaners Chelsea

  3. Sachiko, they look very pretty. The long strips would be great for a toothbrush rag rug. We make some at our Simple Zliving workshop last Saturday. They are a great way to use leftover scraps of fabric. I hope your procedure goes well. I will be praying for you.

  4. Oh my goodness I love Liberty fabrics. My little girls had dresses in two of these! The feel of them is divine too. What a treasure!


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