Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Shoe Makeovers Overload

I have been in the mood for Spring cleaning lately. I went through cubbies, drawers and closets to down size and organize. It is surprising to know how much you can accumulate over the years. I was doing pretty well and making progress thoughout the house, then, as I was cleaning my closet I hit road blocks. Can you guess what they were??

My Shoes. I mean several of them.

Those are the shoes that I no longer wear; they are still in good condition but with scuff marks and such. I thought about putting them all into the "Donate" bag, then one of my shoulder angels (I don't know if it was the good one or the bad one) whispered "paint them, it will be so fun". Grr... yes, I agree, it will be SO fun. That's what I have ended up doing. Here are the Before pictures of them.

See the potential? So let's see the before & after...

*Before* (black mary jane with kitty heel)

*After* (I loved the shape of these shoes, I just wanted to give a facelift with a subtle unusual color.)

*Before* (Brown square toe Shoes with belt) --- I have sentimental attachment to these shoes. This was the very first "heel" I bought after I got my prosthetic leg with an adjustment ability in the ankle. The highest heels I can wear are about 1 1/2".

*After* (The tip of the shoes were pretty scuffed up. I decided to paint the whole thing except the belt. I love the two tone look)

*Before* (Dark brown flat with gathered front and ankle strap)

*After* (I love everything about these shoes except I wanted to paint them with more of an unusual color)

and the final shoes... these is my most favorite and I had the most fun painting them. So, here they are:

*Before* (Red mary jane with kitty heel)

*After* (Coming up with a floral design is so much fun!)

I have several ideas for painting shoes in my sketch book. I think it will be fun to do something more modern and non flowery next time. what do you think?? If you have shoes in your closet you no longer wear, painting them might be the way to get you a customized new pair of shoes without spending a fortune. :)


  1. Love your idea. I should check my closet and I am sure to do something :) thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. I love this, they are SO cute! What kind of paint did you use? They don't look painted....nice!

  3. How wonderful idea!!!
    What kind of paint did you use?

  4. I'm sure you've answered this question already, but what kind of paint do you use? I would love to paint flowers on some of my "oldies but goodies"!!! Thanks in advance for answering....again! (maybe you could answer on Instagram....I follow you there, too!)

  5. I'd like to know what type of paint also.

  6. What great refashions! I think floral designs are into fashion again and I really love the two-tone shoes! I see many lost opportunities here because I usually give away old shoes :)

  7. The green ones are gorgeous! I would also like to know what kind of paint you used. Thanks for a great blog!

  8. She said in a previous post:
    I found the amazing leather paint online. They came quick and they work amazingly well. I strongly recommend to buy the professional leather prepare and deglazer, also Acrylic finisher to get best result.

  9. Thank you all for the nice comments and thank you Tamara Hallock for answering the question for me! I had difficulty with my internet access today and couldn't get on to comment. Sorry! I have done shoe makeovers in the past and wrote about how to do it. You can find it here: http://www.brassyapple.com/2014/06/shoe-makeover-how-to-paint-leather-shoes.html Thanks!

  10. well, when i saw those lovely shoes i thought , "why on earth would you paint them"? they were all so gorgeous already! but WOW, as usual your ideas & fun have turned out some wonderful results! (love the purples)
    thanx for sharing

  11. This is an absolutely adorable idea and I love how they turned out! Will have to show them to my teenage daughter ;-)



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