Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tutorial ~ Super Easy Quilted Euro Sham

I have been wanting to change the look of our bedding FOR-EVER. Also, we never owned a real bed; it was just a simple frame and mattress and I used Euro pillows to create height in the back with other pillows for years.

I recently came across bedding that took my breath away and bought them, but there was no Euro shams from the same line available. The bedding I bought is quilted with beautiful stitches and there is no way I could recreate that exact same look, but I wanted to carry out the same feel. I looked for white, quilted and Euro pillowcases and I found something very close to what I had in mind. It was $30 each and I needed 3 of them... that is going to be close to $100 after everything... yikes! Quickly I shifted gears from "buy" to "make".

While I was looking for the right fabrics at a couple local fabric stores, I had a light bulb moment.

"Why not use a quilt? They are already quilted and the right thickness, I just need to find the right quilt!"

I like to shop at Ross, or TJ Maxx (I hardly ever pay full price for anything), and when you are at the bedding section, you find lots of quilted bedspreads in bags. Sure enough, I found white twin size quilted bedspread for $30! I was able to make three shams out of one quilt, so I saved 2/3 the cost by making them.

This is SUPER easy, you can even do it with your eyes closed (ok, maybe not literally but it's that simple!). I will show you what I did.

{You will need}

Euro size pillow -- 26" x 26"
Twin size quilt
Matching Thread

{How to}

1. Fold the quilt in half vertically and cut off about 1/2" from the top to have raw edge. Measure 27" from the edge cut, and repeat that twice. Then you will have three 27" tall by the width of the quilt pieces.

2. Open the folded strip and bring both ends to the middle, so that they will overlap. Measure and make sure that the side edge to other side edge is 26". Pin and secure them in place.

3. Sew the raw edges with 1/2" seam and treat the edges with zigzag stitches or Serger.

4. Turn the pillow inside out. Use a pin to help pull out the corners if you are having trouble. Press the seam with an iron.

5. Done! Repeat the process to make two more. :)

I am pretty pleased with how easy it was and I got the look I wanted. Because you are using the side seams of the quilt as is where they are overlapping, the only area you have to sew is the top and the bottom. Now everybody... this post is not quit over yet.

Remember I mentioned that we never owned a headboard or bed? I found a bed I REALLY REALLY love! What? Do you ask if I got the bed? The answer is no, because the bed I fell in love with has a hefty price tag of over $3000. That's not gonna happen with this girl. I took that as a inspiration and did something fun! I will share that in my next post, so stay tuned!

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  1. Sachiko, beds can be so very expensive I must say. Those shams look lovely. You are very economical.


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