Friday, June 19, 2015

Privacy Screen to Headboard DIY ~ Anthro Inspired

Mr.TRH and I have been married for quite a bit, but we never owned a headboard. Why?

Reason 1. When we were newly married there were so many other things we needed to spend money on and it was never a priority.

Reason 2. I dreamed of having a four post bed for a while, but while we were staying with my in-laws, Mr.TRH would always hang things around our bed like it was our open closet, so that idea went out the window.

Reason 3. I have NEVER found a bed I liked in my price range. EVER.

Then, one day I found my dream bed... Meet Lombok Bed.

I just LOVE this bed. Talk about character... then I saw the price tag of over $3000(after tax), yikes!

So I was ok with not having a headboard or bed until I could find something I love, but the Lombok bed always stayed in my mind.
I was out shopping a few weeks ago, when I walked in to a local Tuesday Morning, the sight of a pretty privacy screen caught my eye.

I told Mr.TRH what I had in mind with it, he got his tools out and start working on it for me! We had to take all the hinges and screws out, because each panel is put together so that they will fold accordion style. With the hinges, the screen won't be perfectly flat like a headboard would be. He screwed in some supporting wood on the back...

and screwed the panel into the wall. Viola! I have an Anthro inspired headboard in my bedroom.

I kept the same lamp but changed the shades and added a couple new d├ęcor for the night stand to freshen up the room.

A couple posts ago, I shared a tutorial for Euro pillow case from a twin size quilt. Look how they are sitting pretty on my bed.

It is not exactly like the Anthro bed, but I got the feel of it for $160 dollars instead of $3000 and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Next time when you are out shopping, you might find a pretty privacy screen. One of the secrets for success for this project is to have the measurement of the bed you want the headboard for. Also carry a small measuring tape with you, so when you see the privacy screen, you can measure it across and see if it is the right size for your bed.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a happy summer everyone!


  1. That is one pretty bed! nice job!

  2. Brilliant....and beautiful!!!!

  3. Oh, how pretty! I really like all the textures, and I'm really impressed with the feel of luxury you have achieved.

  4. It's beautiful! So happy for you. Enjoy making your vision come true:)

  5. Beautiful! I've never had a headboard on my bed either. I want an upholstered one and will just have to break down and make it one of these days!

  6. Looks amazing!!! I know how it is waiting for some lottle dreams to come true, cause some other needs stay on the top of the list. They bring a lot of joy when it finally happens :) I'm happy for you too! Kisses from Poland.

  7. I love seeing how you decorate your house. You turn so expensive projects into cheaper, and the way they look is amazing. This one is not an exception, I love the way you did it. Looks amazing!

  8. This is so pretty Sachiko.. love it..

  9. It's so pretty! It really changes the look of the bed. Love it!

  10. We have a canopy and my husband uses it just like your husband did. ARGH!


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