Monday, November 30, 2015

Watercolor Flower

I have been spending a lot of time with family and friends lately. My sewing/crafting had to take a back seat for a few days, but I remembered that I haven't shared this painting that I have done, on my blog.

Ever since I was little I was always drawing. My favorite tool is simply pencil or colored pencils. I tried oil painting in high school and didn't like it much, I think it's the texture that I didn't care for. I like acrylic paint, leather paint is great to paint my shoes with. I have been wanting to get back in to more drawing and decided to try watercolor.

I Love how I can mix colors and water on my palette.

I love how colors move and bleed into each other on the paper and create unexpected beauty.

The transparency and delicateness is something I adore very much.

I think I found a medium I love other than colored pencils!

I just started to learn to paint with watercolor and experimenting with it. My goal is to be good at it so I can draw something beautiful to hang in our home.

A Chinese proverb says:

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere

I think learning something new can be intimidating, but fun. Whatever we learn: whether knowledge or skill it becomes part of us. Who knows, if I keep drawing I might get better at it and be able to draw something really pretty for my wall!

I will start posting pictures of my watercolor here and there. I feel like I gained one more thing I can enjoy in the cold winter days at home... I just need a cup of hot chocolate as company. :)


  1. That is so beautiful! I love the look of water color more than anything else! I am not an artist, but my husband and my middle son and youngest daughter are. My husband loves water colors. Yours is SO beautiful. Keep doing it. By the way, my "art" is my quilting and sewing, but I got a big set of Prisma Premiere pencils (132) for my birthday last week because I'm doing the adult coloring book thing which is such a relaxing thing for me. Wow, those Prisma's are fabulous. Makes me feel like an artist just coloring with them :) :)

  2. You certainly are multi-talented, Sachiko. That watercolour painting is lovely. I can't even draw stick figures :-)

  3. That is so pretty! Keep with it. I can't wait to see more of your paintings. It's fun to learn new things, isn't it? :)


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