Saturday, February 27, 2016

Miniature Rooms on Etsy Shop!

I have been wanting to create more miniature rooms after I made my miniature sewing room a while ago. It's not only because I got many positive responses about what I created, it is honestly so much fun to make miniature rooms! I realized that it allows me to do designing, sewing, quilting, crafting and interior decorating. Things I LOVE to do all in one!! No wonder I enjoy it. :)

I created one living room, titled ~ reading time and a couple sewing rooms and listed them on my etsy shop today. Please head over to check them out if you are interested.

Some of you might think it is a bit pricey, but after considering the cost for the materials and my time that is the price I came to.

I will have a more detailed post soon for each miniature room. I want you to look at the details of each one. :)


  1. I made elaborate rooms in boxes for my tiny stuffed mice as a girl-seeing these makes me want to play again that way. It also makes me want to buy one of yours. More please!

  2. This is so cute. I definitely wasn't one. Maybe that sewing room would always stay clean.

  3. Gorgeous! Hope you have loads of success with them!


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