Sunday, July 2, 2017

Tiny Tin Sewing Room Restock

Hello! I can't believe it is already July! More than 1/3 of my kids' summer vacation is over and as much time as I spend with them, I am also working.

I started selling my Tiny Tin Sewing Rooms sometime in September last year... not really expecting them to do as well as they did. Then, October and November rolled in and I could not keep them in my shop long enough and that lasted throughout December. I will make a dozen or so and put them in my shop and they sell out in a day or two (Thank you, thank you so much to those of you who ordered them! I appreciate your business!). That never happened to me with my other products I sold in the past and I was not ready for that. Consequently, I didn't have tin Rooms to sell for a week or two while I was making more and some costumers were waiting. Even though I don't have a business degree, I know that is not good way to run business.

But, I want you understand that, I am not a large corporation who has manufactures overseas. Those individual tiny tin rooms are handmade by me one by one. Also, I don't have large funds to waste on surplus materials.

This year I want to do it a little better by making more and preparing for the Christmas season early and hopefully I will have enough to restock right away.
Are you the type to start shopping early for Christmas? If you have family or friends who love to sew or quilt they might LOVE the tiny tin sewing room! I just added 22 new tin rooms to my etsy shop. Please hop over and check them out. :)

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