Friday, March 30, 2018

Faux Wrap Skirt with Denim

I have several Japanese sewing pattern books that I adore. When I have down time, I look at them... I mean turning pages back and forth, marked with skinny sticky tags and dreaming about what fabrics I should use and such. Well, it is about time to start making them! I went shopping in my fabric closet last week and sure enough, I had this light weight dark denim waiting for me.

Japanese sewing patters are kind of a pain to use. Unlike the patterns you buy at the local stores here in United States, I need to add seam allowance on the cutting stage and use chalk paper to mark the fabric as well. My first dress I made after moving to the United States came out a little baggy for me because I added seam allowance without knowing that It was already included.

I love how this skirt turned out! It is pretty much how I imagined.

I love the look of the wrap skirt, but I never loved wearing one. I get so self conscious while I am walking or when a strong wind blows... I don't want an "Oops, hello world" accident and flash everybody.

This skirt looks like a wrap skirt, but it is actually a tube and you can tie the string at your waist to fit you. No unwanted flashing! I made this skirt with light weight denim, but I love it so much so that I want to make another one with linen for summer. White with black pin strip is calling my name.

What are the things on your list to sew? Blouse? clothes for the kids? Or perhaps a skirt like I did. Whatever it is, have fun sewing! :)


  1. I need to make some dresses for my 3 year old for summer. We like her dresses to be closer to maxi dress length while she's still too little to understand modesty. Love the skirt you made. That looks so comfortable, and so pretty too!

    1. The dress will be so cute! I used to make my little girl wear under skirt shorts especially when we were going to the park and such.

  2. This wrap skirt is lovely. The strip knot on the waist makes it more attractive. I was searching for such wrap around skirts for myself. i hope the search ends here.


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