Sunday, August 5, 2018

Simple Knit Dress from Thrift Store Fabric

What would you make if you come across a 20" x 2 1/2 yard of fabric at a thrift store for $3? I assume it was originally 50" or 60" wide fabric, but someone used a long strip and gave away the rest. I thought this would make a perfect summer lounging dress for my preteen: which is very hard to find a good size in a cute style. It took me only a couple hours and viola! The dress is done.

I added a sleeve on the back waist to put the ribbon through. This way the ribbon won't fall off and if she wants to wear it as a more relaxed boxy style, she can simply remove the ribbon.

She usually doesn't like to dress up and prefers to wear pants all the time, but she is wearing the dress all day long and even relaxing on the couch! I won't make a big deal about it, then she might stop (grin).

This was a another great find at a thrift store. It is a great time for yard sales and garage sales. Have you found anything good lately?


  1. Another lucky find and cute dress!

  2. What a great find and a wonderful way to use it! Your daughter looks lovely in her new dress and yes, be careful not to compliment her too often or your efforts will backfire. Been there, done that! I love the back sleeve and how you took care to match up the stripes so it blends right in. Score for you, Mom!

  3. It turned out lovely! I like the idea for the back of the dress to have the little casing on the outside for the ribbon. Nicely done.

  4. beautiful dress! I have not been thrifting lately but I might go to the local thrift shop this week!!

  5. As Always, You Designed One Beautiful Dress!
    Loved Reading Your Fabric Was A Thrift Store Find!
    So Inspiring!
    Wishing You Another Great Week Of Summer!

  6. love the simplicity of the dress..........makes it more comfy!


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