Friday, August 14, 2020

Bubble Gauze Summer Dress

I bought this striped bubble gauze at Joann Fabric a while ago at 40% off. I knew I wanted to make a summer dress, but didn't have any specific design in mind at the time. Now I am doing my own "Sew my stash challenge" and I have been Looking at the fabric really trying to see what it could be. Then an inspiration came to me... I wanted to sew a dress you might find at a brand like Madewell. I had a french sleeve top pattern I created years ago, so I decided to modify that pattern and add the skirt part to it.

Originally, I was just simply making the top portion stripe go horizontally, and the skirt portion vertically, but I thought it would look more visually appealing to add vertical strips to the sleeves.

The bubble gauze is so airy, comfy and absorbent. Perfect fabric for summer! I know I will wear this dress again and again for the rest of the summer into the fall. I bet it would look nice to wear with a cardigan and boots too.


  1. How sweet! I always enjoy seeing your creations. :-)

  2. Can't help but think of the trials you have faced. Not only have you come through and on top, but you continue to beautify and bless.

  3. I love this dress, it looks perfect on you!

  4. Everything looks good on you!!!
    I love this dress. Now I want to make a few. I am not a dress person, normally, but I would like to make some new ones. I love this pattern

  5. I'm not a garment sewer but I would like to try. What is the pattern you used to make this dress? Thank you and you look great! :)


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