Tuesday, November 17, 2020

A Quilt Finished! ~Blast from the Past ~

A little over 20 years ago, I had this small quilt group with my friends and one of their mothers, who is a master quilter, taught us a shortcut on how to piece these quilt blocks. I made all the blocks, made them into a quilt top and I even marked the designs for quilting... then I stopped there. I think I was working on something else and got distracted. Between moving three times, three kids, many surgeries on top of everyday life, the top got tucked away and I forgot about it. During the sew my stash challenge, I came across this and decided it was time to finish it.
I used to be so intimidated by machine quilting. I am still not that good at it, but I actually enjoy it now. With my beloved Babylock sewing machine, Aria, I finished quilting it in a few days. I quickly put the binding on, so I could hand stitch the rest in the car when Mr.TRH and I were traveling up to Kennewick Washington. That was about a 20 hour drive in total... needless to say, I finished the quilt!
Over the years, my taste changed quite a bit, but I still love this cheerful colored quilt and I had so much fun finally finishing it. I named this quilt "Blast from the Past" and I think it fits perfectly on her.


  1. This is lovely! While it is a blast from the past, it is not old-fashioned at all! The colours are quite fresh and delicate!

  2. Yet again, your eye for color and style as well as fine work are evidenced in your sewing. How lovely!

  3. This quilt is a beauty. I like the name, because it look a long time to get to "finished" so that was indeed a blast!!!
    I love the colors, and I do love traditional styles very much.
    I am so happy you got this done.
    I am jealous of your machine!!!


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