Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cough, Cough

I was so excited to look outside and see some snow falling from the sky this morning. It was such a pretty sight, I love winter. Except the part where this is also the flu season.

Sickness is going around our house this week. My hubby got it worse then any of us, and he had deadlines at work he needed to meet by this Friday... poor guy. He was working from home and finally fininshed it. Now he can rest better.

I decided to take good care of him like he always does for our family.

There are Mikans (Japanese citrus) on the dining table for some vitamin C.

Disinfected the bathrooms and took care of the linens

Took him to an instacare and got him some medicine

Chicken Noodle soup is ready in the pot

I guess I will take it easy with him, so my cough will go away too. Hopefully, I will be recharged and ready to go next week and work on more projects.
I hope everyone is well and enjoying this season! I will see you on Monday!


  1. Sorry to hear sickness has been running through your house. Get some rest so you can enjoy the upcoming holidays without being sick.

  2. You make sure you take care of yourself too and eat up those oranges xxx

  3. I always buy citrus fruits when we have colds, not only for Vitamin C, they are great for a dry throat too. I hope you are all starting to recover now. x


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