Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sachiko Lately

In my last post I announced that Tea Rose Company will be participating the Holiday Boutique over at Ucreate. I have been doing some brain storming on what to make and started wonking on some of these...

Flower hair clip for little(and big) girls. I make all sorts of colors, but I personaly like muted unusual colors. Look at the mess on my table... but it is a pretty mess right?

Here are some of my new designs:

Smokey purple and blue, the blue ones texture is almost like velvet. Perfect for this season.

This green flower is also velvety. One of my favorites.

The last one is for me, oh wait, I need to focus. I must make them to sell, not to keep for myself...

After these are done, I have plans to move on to some other projects. It is so fun to think about color combinations, what beads to use and how. I will share more items as I make them. Thank you for stopping by everyone!


  1. They are lovely I'm sure they will be very popular.

  2. These are beautiful--nice work!

  3. hey sachiko! wow, you've been super busy! thank you so much for the birthday wishes! i'll be right there with you doing the u-create boutique! we can pretend we are "virtually" next to each other in our booths! ;) -V

  4. These are GORGEOUS! I am completely infatuated with the last one. I LOVE all things red :)

  5. hey sachiko, these flowers make an ultra pretty mess gonna make some of my own today, so thanx for putting the idea in my head!! you can check my blog:


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