Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Boutique at Ucreate!

The day has finally (or already?) arrived! The exciting Holiday boutique starts today! I have been busy for the last week or so making things to stock up my etsy shop.

I heard that there are 30 (well, including mine) wonderful booths being setup.

I made tons of flower clips, oil cloth pencases (from Moda and Michael Miller) and a few new bags. Now my shop is ready to go, I am starting to get really nervous...Ahhh!

Also, I am offering special deals just for this Ucreate Holiday boutiqe, so please head over to Ucreate to see what deals I am offering. Then click the banner to goto my shop and show some love!

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  1. Heading over to Ucreate now...thanks for the heads up! Also, I won the Pumpkin charm pack and frames a week or so ago, and wanted you to know they have arrived and are lovely. Thank you so much!!

    I just started a new blog for my etsy shop and plan to post the giveaway prize soon...please check it out (and please give this inexperienced blogger any tips you might have:)) Thanks!!


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