Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Christmas Tree & Paper Crafts

I love family traditions! I wanted to have some of our own for the Christmas season. So, several years ago, I started doing an advent calendar for my children. One year, instead of a calendar, I did separate envelopes and I put them all over the wall. A couple of years ago, I bought a cute house looking advent calendar, with small doors. This year, I wanted to do something crafty, so I did this:

I found this tiny white Christmas tree at Target's dollar section (but, it was 2.50). Still, I thought it was a nice deal. I used some wrapping paper to write stuff down...

My kids loves this. I mean every year, they look forward to this. The things I write down are not anything big, but I guess part of it for them is finding out what is written. For example, December 1st was Rachel's turn to open the first one. She did't wake up before the boys went to school, so the boys had to wait till they got home. They kept guessing in the car after I picked them up from school. I think it is so cute... I am going to keep doing this until they say, "Mom, it's ok to stop".

I also made a banner for my fire place:

Red polka dot crane and Christmas tree...

This was fun, so I kept going. I used doilies that I found at a dollar store and red polka dot wrapping paper to decorate the plain white candle. This could be a fun Christmas gift.

I highly recommend doing some paper crafts! They are inexpensive and for some odd reasons, paper, scissors, and glue bring out the inner child (or is it just me?). It was a lot of fun. Is your house all ready for Christmas?


  1. Sachiko - what lovely Christmas projects you have all completed - love the white tree!

  2. Great ideas! I am inspired now...

  3. Those are lovely! I especially love the canlee :o)

  4. I love the candles and the Christmas Tree idea.. Thanks for sharing..

  5. i need to do more with paper! too cute red polka dot paper!!!

  6. I agree, working with paper craft brings back lovely childhood memories. Last year I used a soft white paper and made dozens of origami flowers for my tree, just added white lights and a few ribbons and that's all I used. It was one of the loveliest trees I've ever done. Funny how that works!

  7. What a wonderful, creative idea! I love your red and white polka dot candle. Thanks for sharing.

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