Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Things Happen to Those Who Wait

This is Monday morning and I am still in my pajamas sitting in front of the computer. This doesn't usually happen because, I have things I have to do or places I need to be. Today, not so much and I am loving it.

The kids are playing with the toys they got for Christmas, everone is happy... so, I decided to update my bloy post now, instead of waiting till tonight.

Sometime before Christmas, I did my usual stop and look at a thrift store and guess what I found...

A book by Martha Stewart! To tell you the truth I didn't even know about this book, but I was really excited! The book is in perfect condition, and when I looked through the pages, there were so many great tips and advice for what to look for when you are looking for collectable items (like glass jars, Milk glasses, plates... and so on) at a flea market; how to clean and take care of them and ideas for decorating the house with those finds. The book is just perfect for someone like me, who loves thrift stores and yard sales!

The second item that I found was this:

Actually, I have been wanting to buy these molds for several months, I have kind of gotten back in to baking, so I wanted to make beautiful tarts. At William Sonoma, of course, they were expensive, so I have decided to wait a while.

I decided to check the silverware and bakingware section just in case, and this little red box was sitting right on top of everything!! What are the odds? In my mind, I was thinking to myself, "Is that what I think it is? No, I don't believe it. Don't get your hopes up so high Sachiko...". Isn't that funny I was several steps away but I was thinking all that. Also, I was acting calmly, so other people wouldn't see me acting unusual or the direction in which I was looking and find the box before I could grab it. It is a total rush to those who shop at thrift stores.

The box was a little dusty, but everything was in perfect mint condition. It had a little sticker saying $2.oo! Each of the molds were sparkly clean and I can tell they were never used. Finding something is nice, but finding something you have been looking for is DESTINY! I felt like angels were floating around me and making holy sounds, ahhhhh. Look what happens when you try to live each day honestly and work hard. Good things happen! :) (However, I still haven't quite figured out humility.)

I am looking forward to using them for the first time and making mini tarts.

That is why I can't stop going to those stores. My curiousity "what if..." or "just in case" has helped me to find some pretty nice stuff in the past. If you never have shopped at thrift stores, you might want to try it, you never know what you will find.

By the way, I am participating in these link parties today, there are many wonderful posts, I highly recommend visiting them! Have a fabulous day everyone.

The DIY Show Off


  1. Wow great finds!! It's great to find the little treasure you've been wanting. Waiting sometimes is very worth it.

  2. I totally know that "thrift store rush" when you're trying to act calm so that no one will see what you see. And I'm always in agony over which section of the store to visit first. What if I choose fabrics, and someone finds something amazing in shoes before I do?? It's tough. :o)

  3. You are so cute! I want to get my hands on that new book of yours- looks like a lot of fun. Maybe I could flip through the pages while eating a yummy tart perhaps???

  4. What great finds Sachiko, I love shopping thrift stores, I am always looking for picture frames and vintage material. you have so inspired me to sew more. When you made you Dress form and wanted one so bad after that, I was blessed a week later with a beautuful black one w/wooden stand. It was in a parking lot standing all by herself, someone just left her out there all night in the rain. So i took her and gave her a good home to live in forever.

    Denton, TX

  5. Thank you so much for the nice comments everyone! I really enjoy reading each one of them!

    I started laughing out loud and had to read your comment to my hubby, who was puzzled as to why his wife was laughing in front of the laptop.

    I totally do the same thing! That must be only a few minute diffrence, but I always wonder which section I should go to first. Most of the time my usual stop is at the dish section. I have been collecting antique looking white plates. I would love to have a wall decorated with them.

  6. I enjoyed reading your blog tonight. Girl, you have amazing talent! I don't know how you accomplish everything you do!

  7. Sashiko,

    What a great find this blog is!!!!

    I came via Making the World Cuter and I am already in love and drooling over every post!!!!!!!!

    I love the idea of tansforming the gorgeous "russian" shirt into practical beautiful items! You rock!!!!!!!!

    I am already following...

  8. I have been doing some catching up, since my broken computer, I have just this week been able to once again access favorites, and looking through all of your wonderful projects was like looking at a favorite magazine! Everything is just beautiful. Love how you used that little red dress!Makes me wish I could find one like it. Absolutely wonderful creations! Have a blessed New Year. Jackie

  9. AMEN!! I am so just like you. In fact I went to Goodwill yesterday and just about died. I came out with some decorations for my home, brand new Sunday shoes for my boy, and a little sewing machine for my daughter.

    Last week I came out with some frames that will look awesome in my living room, a unicorn horse that the kids ride around on, some cute shoes for me, some old "Serendipity" books, and some other stuff I was so excited about.

    I totally have the "excited moments" all the time. I just love finding something I have been looking for.

    Way to go on your finds!

  10. Sachiko,

    I'm new to your site and just love all the neat things you do! You have talent, Lady! I also love fantastic bargains and am a little envious about your great finds! Good for you! Please take pictures when you make tarts!

    Also, I have a question....

    When you sew clothing, do you use a serger? I have several failed attempts at clothing (the seams come apart in the wash!) and am wondering if that is the difference?

    Please keep posting, you're so cute!


  11. Cottage Lover-

    Thank you for your comment, and I am so glad that you found my blog! I love sewing, crafting and sharing, I will keep posting, so keep coming back!

    About your question, yes I have a serger. It was a surprize from my husband, and I took the class too...but I haven't used it! I didn't use it right way, so I forgot how to thread it and stuff... I feel bad for not using it though.

    The sewing machine I have is a really good one, and it has some stitches that make it look like I did some surger work. I am not sure why your past projects fell apart, I am wondering maybe you didn't do a reverse stitch at the beginning and end of a seam? or you sewed too close to the edge? I hope you can find out why, it is not fun to see you creations get ruined like that.

    Good luck!

  12. I loved reading your description of the "thrift store rush" - you are not alone!! I love thrifting and those rare moments of finding a true treasure (something you really wanted and would have paid good money for!) are what keep me going. I love the thrill of it, and I love to hear about other people's great finds too. ;-)

  13. What a score! I love our thrift store too. I had in my mind to keep an eye out for Madeleine pans the next time I went, since I wanted to make them. Guess what I found tucked under all the pans! A Madeleine pan! How funny! Now I keep telling myself to find a tart pan...

  14. Oh my new friend Sachiko, we could so totally shop together! I love the thrill of the hunt at thrift shops, consignment stores, flea markets, and yard sales, I too,love thethrill of the hunt and getting the item inexpensively( cheaply ) and then repurposing it for my home or for hopefully someday to sell. Too bad you don't live closer. We could meet for lunch and a thrift store run!


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