Monday, December 14, 2009

Down Memory Lane---Quilts for Rachel---

I have talked about the quilts I have made for Christpher and Michael. Today I will do the same with some quilts I made for Rachel.

I made this one long before I had Rachel. My friend saw a quilt like this at a quilt shop and described it to me. I used my imagination and designed it on paper, and kind of made it my own. My favorite part of this quilt is the muted colors I chose, instead of going with pastels. It makes it a unique baby quilt that way. I was hoping that, someday I would be able to have a little girl so that I could give this quilt to her.

I call this quilt "Seaside Rose Quilt". I was pregnant with Rachel at the time, and went to a local quilt shop. When I saw the beautiful line of Seaside Rose fabrics by Moda, I seriously got goose bumps!

I decided to name the quilt after the fabric line. I love this one.

The next one is a blanket more than a quilt. I used very soft minky; I just had to make a blanket out of it for her! I added pom-poms to add extra character to it. This is also one of my favorite blankets in the house. I love to cuddle in this blanket when I read fairy tales to Rachel; I feel extra girly.

The last quilt... yeah, I can't call it a quilt yet, because it is not done. I finished all the applique in the middle part and added borders. Then, I was supposed to do more applique around the borders. I don't know what happened. I have to confess that I haven't touched this quilt top for about 7 years. I started making this when I was pregnant with my second child, I was secretly hoping for a girl and kept calling it "Ashly quilt". I wanted to name my little girl Ashly for a long time.

Well, we found out that I was having another boy. So, I started working on some boys quilts after that. I thought I was putting away the Ashly quilt forever. Then, I was blessed with another baby. Funny thing is, after I found out that I was finally having a girl, the name Ashly started to fade away.

My husband and I felt strongly that we should name her "Rachel".

Rachel means "beautiful favored one" and her Japanese middle name is "Kokomi" which means "beautiful heart". We wanted her to be a beautiful person on the inside and out. So far, she is living up to her name. I can say this because I am her mom!

I love designing the quilts and it gives me so much joy, but the biggest reason why I keep doing this (I mean all the quilting and crafting) is I want my children to know how much I love them. When they use the quilts I made; it's just like I am giving them a big hug. Also, I want them to realize that having something they enjoy and are passionate about, will bless thier lives so much more than just going aimlessly through life.

I really hope that I can be there to help them to find their wings.


  1. I love it when you take us down memory lane.
    I love the fabrics in the seaside rose quilt you made...and minky is sooo creamy. Love it.
    I echo your sentiments on why I make quilts as well. So my family and friends will know I love them.

  2. What beautiful quilts - each is just lovely! What precious memories are wrapped in each stitch.

  3. Beautiful quilts! They are made all the more special because of the sentiments attached to them.

  4. What a lucky girl! Rachel is so lucky to have such a sweet, beautiful, and talented mother.

  5. Sachiko,
    The quilts are soooo gorgeous!! I absolutely love the fabrics!

  6. You are so talented and the quilts are lovely.


  7. These quilts are so beautiful!!Really great work!! Thanks for sharing these nice memories.

  8. Those are so beautiful! I especially love the second to last one with the pom-poms. I need one like that!

    So, I got your package today, and oh my goodness!! I didn't know you were going to send all that! Everything is so absolutely adorable, I'm just giddy over it! And how did you know that my daughter needed hair clips? I'm going to do a special post about it tomorrow to show everyone, if you don't mind!

  9. Disney,

    So glad you liked what I sent you. I am just grateful for all you have done for me!




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