Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fourteen Reasons I love You!

Before I start this post, let me give a big THANKS to all of you who have left comments on the Ucreate guest blog post and on the giveaway! I felt much better after seeing some of the comments. If you haven't entered the giveaway, don't forget to do so, you still have time!

On the day of the post, my kids didn't have school, so I put them to work and we all cleaned the house. Christopher washed the windows, Michael vacuumed and mopped... Rachel, age four will sometimes make things more complicated than actually being helpful, so I gave her baby wipes and asked her to wipe the walls and the baseboards. That way, I wouldn't have to worry about chemicals or things getting damaged. They all did a wonderful job!!! What was I doing? I was sitting in front of the TV and eating Bon-Bons... NO, I washed all of our bedding on top of the regular laundry (6 loads!!), and did more micro-cleaning that I usually don't have enough time to do.

A clean house feels soo good! The kids were so proud of their work, and after that we had a fun time together.

After they went to bed, I made special cards for each one of them. They are titled "Fourteen Reasons I Love You". I thought about their good qualities and wrote them down. I am going to give them the cards with some special treats on Valentine's day.

Of course I have one for Mr. Tea Rose Home too.

If you are allergic to quarkiness, I advise you to stop reading here. Because, I am sharing the fourteen reasons why I love him below.

1. He makes the best scrambled eggs
2. He is knowledgeable
3. He is smart
4. He can play with the kids like he is one of them
5. He is very involved with the kids education and activities
6. He is very loyal and caring (How many times have I been in the hospital and surgeries ever since we got married?)
7. He is optimistic
8. He still thinks I am attractive. His eyesight is fine, just for the record. (It doesn't matter what others think, his opinion is the only one that's important!)
9. ...and he treats me as his wife, rather than the mother of his children
10. He is such a hard worker, always providing us with a roof over our heads and food on the table and beyond.
11. He happens to like my cooking. Thanks.
12. He is very supportive of the things I am interested in.
13.He has been keeping the promises he made when we got married to make me smile everyday of my life. Even the hardest days he manages to do so, it is amazing.
14.He has a big heart. Because of him I can be myself and not worry about the tiny things. He keeps inspiring me to want to be a better person.

There is more, but I guess I will save them for next year. I love Valentine's day. It is the day of love, I think I am going to spend quality time with my family.

Do you have "fourteen reasons" for your loved ones? Once you start thinking about them, it makes you feel happy.

Have a Happy, Happy Valentine's day.


  1. Happy Valentines Day!!

    Shell x

  2. Sashiko,

    I loved it! All of your reasons :)

    I'm off tooo to spend some qulity time with the ones I love!

  3. I really like this post... I have so many reasons why I love my husband and not sure I ever really tell him exactly why.. I am going to try to use your theme and get myself going before the day is out.. thanks for the idea and for sharing your wonderful family with us....Have a great day!!

  4. What sweet cards! I ♥ your blog.

  5. What a sweet post - love the cards - how precious!

  6. hi, I'm one of your readers dede recently got here by accident following a tutorial from one of your changes and stay in love with your site, I'm living in northern Mexico near the U.S. border have a few years older than you, 2 grown children and 1 husband of 30 years are the reason of my life with my 2 chihuahua dog since I was little I really like crochet crafts and learned early on, now the crochet is my relaxation, I must also tell you that I post in my blog one of your tutorials but always with a link to your page I did not want to name my blog that I felt selfish and wanted something just for me, congratulations for your beautiful family, your strength and creativity I hope your visit and allow me to continue sharing with you the wonders of life, have a nice week

  7. this is such a cute idea, i will have to do this next year. I posted this over at my blog, I hope you don't mind.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  8. What a great idea! I think I'm going to start doing that for a tradition!

  9. Happy Valentine to you and your wonderful family.

    I like your idea to write the 14 reasons to love your love ones.

  10. I love this idea. I'm gonna copy you next year.

  11. what a sweet post. LOL, my hubby resembles your hubby's number 8 as well. We've been married for twenty years and he still looks at me with eyes like the day we got married. : ) ya gotta love that.

  12. What an awesome gif to your kids!
    And o awesome to read why you love your hubby!
    here valentineday passed by doing nothing very special!
    I had sundayschoolclass and I talked about the love of Christ and told 3 different stories where you can see th different ways of love that can only put into your heart by God.
    The kids made a hancky for someone they love and they could also give a little card to it with a covered way of 1John 4:19 I love you because Jesus did it fist!"

    Love Miranda

  13. That is sweet! I enjoyed reading your list. I also enjoy working with my kids to make a clean home.

  14. so sweet! It's a great reminder to why we do what we do everyday!
    I love your blog! I love the tutorials!! I so wish I could sew! I found you from your ucreate and I also stumbled on you for your denim flower. I had to leave a comment and tell you how fabulous you are! Thanks for the inspiration! You rock girl! I think i must try my hand at the denim flower. Too cute! Thanks again. Come and visit-would love to be friends!

  15. This year for Valentine's Day I made a book of "52 reasons that I love you" for my husband. It was a book of playing cards with a reason on each page. It was so much fun telling him how much I love him. I am so thankful for an amazing family (we have 6 kiddos together) and he is a huge reason why it is so amazing! Thanks for this post, it is so cute! I think I am going to make these cards for my kids also <3

  16. It is silly but seriously one of tmy hobbys best traits or talents is his knack for making the most perfect scrambled eggs! But it's funny he cannot make toast to save his life:) He needs me for that so without each other we could never have nor our children have a good breakfast:)

  17. Wow, it's a very good idea to say i love you, in this way, & i also want to say, that 's your blog is very-very creative & interesting for me, thank u very much for this, & I wish you & your family happiness & love. with the best regards, Luydmila


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