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Tutorial~Reversible Handbag~

Hi everyone! How was your week? Mine was very busy as usual, in a good way though; but I can't wait to slow down a little and spend some more time with my family.

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Two weeks ago, I was invited to be a guest blogger for Ucreate. I came up with a tutorial to make a reversable hand bag (Two for One! I love things that are versatile and have more flexibility!). I am going to post the tutorial on my blog today. It is all straight cut, if you have rotary cutting tools, you can finish cutting all the necessary parts in the blink of an eye. If you don't, you can measure it out directly on the fabric and cut by hand.

Sew using 1/4" seam allowance, unless directed otherwise.

You will need:

Fabric 1 (your main fabric) 1/2 a yard.
Fabric 2 (inside fabric) 1 yard. (Includes extra for bias tape)

Canvas (this will go between the fabric 1 and 2 to give body to the bag) (1/2 yard)
matching thread

How to make:

1. Cut all the necessary parts.

From fabric 1 you will cut out: 2- 9 1/2"T x 14"W peices for the bag, 2- 1 1/2"W X 20"L pieces for the handles.

From fabric 2: same as fabric 1, plus 5 1/2"T X 7"W for the pocket. For the bias, if you are not familiar with making it, check here.

From canvas you will cut out: 2- 9 1/2"T X 14"W for the bag, 2- 3/4" x 19"L pieces for the handles.

2. Make the pocket.
a. Use a zig-zag stitch around the edges of the fabric to prevent fraying.
b. Fold the corners, then fold 1/4"of the sides and the bottom. This way the corner is mitered and doesn't get too thick and is easier to sew.
c. Fold the top edge twice, sew 1/8" from the folded edge.

3. Sew the finished pocket onto fabric 2. Fold the bag fabric and the pocket in half and match up the folded line(so, the pocket is in the middle, and measure 2 1/2" from the top. Line the pocket with the 2 1/2" line pin. Then stitch the pocket to the bag. I sew a line on the pocket 2 3/4" from the right to devide the pocket.

4. Lay down fabric 2, measure and mark to make pleats. The mesurments are like this:

Lay canvas on top of fabric 1, and do the same.

5. Using big hand stitches, sew the pleats to hold them in place. Do the same to the rest of the other pieces too.

6. Put the right sides together of fabric 2 and pin. Sew around the edge. Do the same to fabric 1 that has the canvas attahced.

7. To square the bottom of the side, bring the seam together (The sure the seam lines up.) Fold and then as in the picture draw a 3" line and sew on top of the line. Then cut off the fabric 1/4" away from the line.

8. Repeat the same process with fabric 1.

9. Turn fabric 2 inside-out. Insert into the the bag made out of fabric 1. The pin the bias tabe all around the edges of the top. Sew around the folded line.

10. Fold the bias tape around to the inside of the bag. Cover the raw egdes, pin and sew. You can use a slip stitch too.

11. Make the handle.
a. Lay fabric 1 and 2 right sides together. Sew around the edges leaving a 16" opening centered on one side.

b. Snip the corners.

c. Turn the handle inside out and fold the open edges about a 1/4" inside and iron. This process will make it easier for later. Slip in the canvas strip. For the corners use a sharp object to push them in place and flatten.

d. Pin the opening and sew 1/8" from the edge all around the handle stip.

12. Attach handles to the bag appoximately 2" from the side.

Now you have 2 beautiful handbags!

If you want a magnet closure, you can with this bag too. You just add the magnet before step 9. A little tip, to pick out fabrics to make this bag, quilt shops carry all sorts of pretty fabrics, also check out Jo Anne's home decorating fabric setion. When you combine larger patterns with smaller patterns you can recreate a similar look to this bag.


  1. Very nice. Thanks for the clear explanation.

  2. I love this bag and I love reversible! This is so lovely, can't wait to try it.

  3. Very cute,, I love making bags and I really like those pleats.. It gives it style..

  4. You know, I've made a few purses, and I've never seen the trick to use canvas to stabilize the fabric. Thanks so much for sharing! That's a fabulous idea!

  5. I always love a well-written
    tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  6. Great tutorial! thanks for sharing x

  7. Hi:) I'm so happy that I found your blog! Wow, so many beautiful creations and lots of helpful tutes, too。And I definitely must try this bag - it's so lovely!

    私はカリフォルニア在住の手芸大好きな日本人主婦です♪ また遊びにきますね。 ブログとっても素敵です!

  8. What a wonderful bag! Very nice job!

  9. With your wonderful tutorial, I might just be able to make one of those. I am a visual person, so all of the pictures really help. Thanks for sharing. I have a large stash of fabric that I could use to make some. Jackie

  10. LOVE this reversible bag! I've been looking for the perfect tote to make and I think this is it!! Can you tell me what the finished measurements of the tote are? Thanks for your wonderful ideas on your blog!!

  11. Love this! I am hosting it on my blog of course bringing the credit right back to you. So fabulous. Definatly want to try this!

  12. I just have to say u have an amazing blog and u are so incredibly talented. U go girl!1

  13. thanks so much, your blog is gourgeous!!

  14. Great tutorial!!Thanks for sharing with us :o)!!!

  15. Love this tuto, thanx so much!

  16. Hi,
    Absolutely ADORABLE!!! Thanks for sharing this great tutorial.

    I´ll be so glad if you visit my blog :)...

    Hugs from Portugal
    Ana Lopes

  17. thank you so much for this tutorial ;)
    ciao Maria

  18. Hi,

    All your tutorials are truly inspirational. Very very pretty.

    I have tried one reversible lunch box with the same pattern but little bit alterations.

    Though there are some mistakes, I am still happy that I tried following your tutorial.

  19. I also make bags and this looks like a real winner! The pleats make it stand out. Will try it.
    Nancy Enns

  20. It is very nice. I like it. Just a question: what material would you recommend to use it? Is it more hard one you using or any.. And where do you normally get on a budget?

  21. Elvina Saniukaite - I used home decorating fabric, so it is a little thicker than quilting fabric but it wasn't too hard to use. :)

  22. It's a lovely bag, i love it and thank you for the explains !! Have a good day ! Anik from France

  23. Hi. I made one very colorful one for myself. I am a novice at Sewing
    but your clear explanations helped a great deal. I made a two minor mistakes, but the bag looks hot!

  24. so cute. will definitely try one!
    great illustrations too.

  25. gracias por los tutoriales...hermosos tus trabajos,,,,saludos desde ARGENTINA

  26. Nice gifts ideas and especially teaching little adults to learn how to sew thank you


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